12 Days of Christmas Video 4

Allowing vs. Resistance

Does it mean also allowing pain and hurt and negative emotions to be expressed and experienced since that is a part of life?


Allowing does not mean to endure and tolerate. What you are allowing are feelings, both good and bad, to come up and be experienced without judging it, making it wrong or pushing it away. Negative emotions dissipate as soon as they are allowed to pass through.

Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.

Suffering lies in the resistance to let go of the story, meaning, emotion or belief that is creating the conflict and negative emotions. When you are present a feeling or an emotion, any emotion, simply notice without attaching meaning to it.

Let joy or sadness, peace or anger, or whatever is coming be fully felt then allow it to move through and out of you. Emotion means energy in motion.

Emotions rise up and go away UNLESS you make it wrong, avoid it or run away from it. Unprocessed emotion get solidified in the body. What you resist, persists. Life will keep giving you opportunities to release the stuck emotion because life is calling you back to you, back to life, back to love.

It is difficult to let go because resistance is programmed and conditioned with us. But with practice, it gets easier.

Read back on the previous blogs of this series and put into practice forgiveness, clearing and completion exercises. The minute you become aware you are in resistance in simply do the exercises without judgment. Then go back to allowing.

When you allow yourself to be fully present with a wide range of emotions, life experiences become a lot richer, fulfilling and more meaningful.

Practice the art of allowing and transform your current reality into that of joy, peace and limitlessness.