12 Days of Christmas – Video 3


I see you!

Here’s Video #3 – Child’s Play

Do you remember how it was to be a kid? To learn while playing, be fearless and even risk getting into trouble? To be fun? To feel excitement and mischief?

And, like me, did you succumb to people or events demanding that you “Grow up” and “Be Serious” and that “You’re too old to play”?

The responsibilities of stepping into adulthood somehow makes us forget about the importance of play, imagination and creativity in our life and how it feeds our soul and inspiration. Play is what makes us vibrant and inspired.

Yes, we are adults now. But we don’t have to stop living. If we are willing, we can bring joy back. It was never lost. We can connect with the child-like spirit once again, if we allow ourselves to shake out all that we are not so we can return to love and joy and play again.

Yesterday I admitted on my blog to feeling jealous towards my sister. I always joked she is Mom’s favorite, but I never fully acknowledged or admitted especially to myself that I was jealous. I was so busy proving “I was better than” to listen to my child’s hurt.

What my inner child needs most is appreciation, that there is nothing she needs to do anymore or become. She constantly needs to hear from me that I love and appreciate her exactly the way she is. And it’s true. I love her so much. She is amazing. And I am so damned proud of her.

Note: If memories of childhood is too painful and brings back pain, sadness and discomfort…


We’ve all been victimized in our past one way or the other. So much has happened there that took away our power, our voice and somehow we were led to believe we did not matter or was not enough. But you don’t have to live in the past. You can heal childhood wounds so you can fully participate in life again.

As part of the 12 days free coaching offer, I would be more than happy to facilitate an inner child healing to support you in coming back home to you.

Alternatively, you can sit with your inner child, and get curious. No judgment, no finding faults, no defending. The child just wants to be heard, acknowledged and seen. The child just wants your reassurance s/he can speak up.

If you don’t know how to love and appreciate the child within you, ask: “How can I fully support you? How can you trust me again? How can I make sure you feel loved from now on?” Whatever is missing, whatever the child is hurting for, s/he will tell you.

Ask your child, what would be fun? What would make her/him sing in glee? What have you been wanting to do that is fun and exciting and even a bit dangerous, that you always had to back away from because it is not sensible? Because it is not responsible?

Take a pause and check in with YOU. Especially around this time when stress level is high. How can you raise your energy and come alive? Allow your child back in. Engage in play and imagination. Create through art and painting, music and dance, laughter and stories.

When you’re alive inside, watch what happens. You get to contribute joy to those around you, too. It’s contagious.