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Hi! I’m Tess Vergara, a coach since 2013, catering to a diverse clientele worldwide in both private and group settings.

My greatest strength and accomplishment in life was in raising my 2 daughters singlehandedly. I separated from their Dad at first sign of physical abuse towards our then 2-year old first born, immediately after the birth of our second child which I describe in this video.

Once Upon A Single Mom…

Excerpt from Interview With Michele Thomson Lead From Within Podcast
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Best. Investment. Ever.

And that’s how my coaching journey began — the best gift I’ve ever given myself. Now, I have inner peace, a sense of purpose and clarity of direction. Going through coaching training helped me overcome depression and burnout without resorting to anti-depressants and thyroid pill my doctor prescribed. The freedom and self-mastery I gained from releasing what was weighing me down physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, which were trapping me into learned helplessness, are priceless. Best. Investment. Ever.

Just a fraction of the trainings I received…

My infinite gratitude to these amazing mentors for the work I now get to do because of their leadership.

Unique Self Awakening, Marc Gafni, Apr2013
Date with Destiny, Dec-2013, Tony Robbins
Sept 2015 HUNA Higher Consciousness Awakening with Dr. Matt James,
UPW Firewalk, Tony Robbins, July 2013
Video screenshot of me Robbins Madanes Training
Awakening Your New World Rikka Zimmerman Oct-2015
Awakening Coaching, Arjuna Ardagh, August 2013
NLP Training, Sept 2014 with Dr Matt James
Soul Realignment with Andrrea Hess, March 2023

Awake, Alive, Audacious

Notice in the photos above, I’ve always had a foot in both the physical and the spiritual realms – one moment at a Tony Robbins event, the next diving into a spiritual awakening retreat. Restless and ambitious, I didn’t realize that my soul was craving for individuality and uniqueness. It was a bit scary at first, I’ve had to forge my path alone because no one quite grasped what I was going through. Going against the grain ruffled some feathers, but I could no longer deny my soul. With time, I grew stronger and more surefooted. It was when I fully embraced both my physical and spiritual sides, my divine and human selves, letting my unique divine gifts find expression in the physical, that I finally felt at home in my body. It was an amazing, wild, thrilling journey back to me that nobody around me really understood at that time. My tagline to this day: Awake, Alive, Audacious.

Back then, I didn’t fully understand why I was so restless and hungry for more. Now, as I write this page and reflect on the challenges, the dark nights of the soul, and the quest for inner harmony, I appreciate how it led me to a deeper calling and a new mission — guiding myself and others back to wholeness, a process I call soul integration. And now, I can’t stop talking about it.

You too can have a vibrant, fulfilling life without sacrificing or hiding any part of yourself. You’re not crazy for wanting it all; you’re fulfilling your divine calling. Amidst the chaos, challenges, and stresses of life, we’ve all forgotten our unique purpose buried under goals, ambitions, and responsibilities. It’s time to remember how to live — truly, deeply, lovingly, and meaningfully.

We are called to be more, do more, share more, give more, be it all… but not from the place of fear and hijacked, programmed, human conditioning— but from a place of soul remembrance, a deeper experience, embodiment and expansion of our wholeness. Leadership from the level of Soul.

Tess Vergara

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