How to be an Entrepreneur and not be BROKE

Are you doomed to be broke?  Since becoming self-employed in April, despite all the vigorous coaching training and certifications, even after all the immersive personal and spiritual development I’ve invested in, I share the biggest fear of most coaches and entrepreneurs I’ve coached: “Time is up, I need to get … Read More

On Money and Happiness

I agree with you. Money doesn’t buy happiness. And, let me add this – no amount of money can define who you really are or measure your true worth. So why this sudden obsession about money? Because people’s unhealthy relationship with money is causing a lot of unhappiness and stress … Read More

Shame around money

There is always a way to create your financial success regardless what financial distress you are in. But you gotta be brutally honest where you are and really look at your current spending pattern and belief system that put you in that situation to begin with. Why? SO YOU DON’T … Read More

Rags to riches?

So let’s talk about money! My sister was just here visiting and I have to thank her for the inspiration and for going down the family money history with me. It is amazing how born from the same parents, we have totally different perspectives about money and wealth, love and … Read More