Don’t acquiesce to cancel culture

Keep shining no matter what the naysayers say!

Many people will judge you and question your motives and would try to change you and make you comply and bend your will and make you wrong and dismiss your efforts and insinuate you’re doing things wrong.

That’s coz we were never taught to live from wholeness. We were trained to constantly be on the lookout, react to, and point out and focus on what’s broken and missing and lacking.

Don’t listen to them.

Be stubborn to your Soul.

When you know your intention is for your higher good and the highest good of all, you can’t mess anything up. Thats how you create healing in yourself, return to wholeness, and from there with authentic confidence to fulfill your soul’s work in healing the world.

Those who have yet to own themselves will project their own disconnected and separated self on you. Don’t take it personally, but know to stand your ground in service to your Soul.

It’s only through self compassion and self knowledge and self awareness and self realization can you take full self ownership and responsibility. From there blooms your pure essence and nature which is LOVE.

When the whole world wants to cancel you, don’t acquiesce. Instead, stand your ground and do YOU! You can only be you! Your Soul. Your love. Your light. Everything else is noise calling you to self abandon and give your power away.

Stand your ground in truth and light.

Everything else is a distortion of that light.

Check out my conversation with Chris Whalley who pointed what separation conflict does to our health and healing.

What Jesus said comes to mind.


Let the one without sin cast a stone.

Before you throw a rock at someone, make sure you don’t have gunk in your eyes.

Heal your shadows and projections first.

And in the podcast interview with Chris we talked cancel culture and how that “sin” (separation) shows up and potentially lead to stress and diseases among other things.

Say no to cancel culture.

And for that to happen, walk your path to self mastery, self ownership and self responsibility.

This is what Soul Powered Leadership is all about.

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