Emotional Swings?

It’s crazy! So many people are coming to me sharing their fear, frustration and confusion with the ups and downs of their emotions that have them feeling out of control, extremely sensitive, and losing their mind with excessive fear and worry.

The air is just so dense with relentless bouts of sickness, anxiety, depression, worry, hopelessness, fear, confusion, fuzziness, loneliness, emptiness and meaninglessness.

They are asking for help wondering WTH is going on???

Well, how can we not? Let’s for a second take a look at the current world we’re living in. We are constantly bombarded by negative news around the world over-sensationalizing terrorism, hate crimes, racism, gun violence, rigged voting, devastation and greed… and on and on.

And it doesn’t help that the planets are in retrograde. On top of all that, according to spaceweather.com, cosmic rays are intensifying, and the earth’s magnetic field is changing. Damn. The energies are bringing up ugly and uncomfortable stuff we’d rather not look at.

It’s like there’s nowhere to hide. The Universe is having a ginormous clear-out event. One minute there I was laughin’, high-fivin’ and high spirted, and then the next I just wanted to curl up in a ball.


“We are moving through this period of pain, darkness and depression aligned with an incredible light and a beautiful gift” ~ Marianne Williamson

We are going through a deep purge to heal, forgive, and release what isn’t our true nature which is love and light. Humanity is being freed from its shackles. And it is bringing much confusion, anger and pain.

The intense cosmic light showers are helping us let more light in to dissolve what we are not. A rapid awakening process is taking place guiding us back home to our true state which is joy, to our true nature which is love.

Everything is changing. Many are feeling lost and confused and in deep pain. Whatever does not serve us any longer has to go and that may include relationships, careeers, traditions, identity and emotions that we are hanging on to but are keeping us stuck in lower vibration.

But I thought we’ve cleared all that?

Well… there’s human evolution for you. And… we’re also releasing not just our own personal baggage but all of humanity’s. With all the energies we have been receiving, we are purging at a very deep level, personally and collectively, to shift into higher consciousness of love.

For those who are feeling like everything is going wrong and falling apart, here’s what I know. Resistance is futile. If you wall up in self protection, suffering only gets prolonged unnecessarily. Healing and transformation goes way faster if you don’t resist it.

And boy do I know about resistance. It took a ski accident for me to finally wake up and really look at my life, where I was unknowingly stuck in fear, victimhood and lack. I had no idea I was sleepwalking most of my life. Quite a rude awakening yet so very grateful for it.

Resisting change can adversely affect your health, relationships, finances and eat away your peace of mind.

Here’s some nuggets I’ve collected over the years that helped soften my stubborn ways, dissolve resistance and quickly get through what seems like a never-ending emotionally confronting energetic transmission and activation.

1. Self awareness is key. If you are feeling something is off, take a pause. Feel into what is making you uncomfortable. Try not to numb, suppress or deny the rising discomfort. Relax into it, don’t attach any meaning or make yourself wrong. Just lovingly observe and allow it to move through.

2. You can’t heal what you don’t feel.  The triggers are showing you where your thoughts, beliefs and actions are out of alignment. Repressed feelings come up because they are on their way out. Feel it. Don’t shut it down, breathe through it, and it will find its way out.

3. Forgive. Send love and compassion particularly to those who just love to push your buttons. Do this not for their sake but yours. Hint: unbeknownst to you, they are angels in disguise reflecting back to you denied and disowned parts of yourself longing to come back home.

4. Express gratitude for the gift of difficult emotions. It’s counter-intuitive but as you see the gift in the experience, you can easily emerge on the other side where peace, joy and freedom await.

5. Be resilient. Rather than giving in to your default negative emotion (fear, anger, worry), tap into what you’d rather create or experience, and focus on amplifying this vibration and then train your mind to collect evidence that support this more expansive energy.

6. Fear is physical, so scan where it is showing up in your body, listen and acknowledge its concerns. Release through journaling, or perhaps confiding to someone. Once you express it and call it out, fear loses power over you. Feel the fear, then do it anyway.

7. Honor your body. If it wants to rest, rest. If you want to be alone, honor that and spend time grounding in nature. If you are restless and can’t sleep, then follow the energy and get creative and take action. Flow with your natural rhythm. Do what you love and brings you joy.

8. Trust your heart and your inner guidance. Know that everything is divinely perfect. Don’t believe everything your mind tells you. It’s job is to keep you safe, so everytime you are walking into the unknown, it will convince you to retreat. Tune in to your heart and set your spirit free.

9. Vibrate higher. Fear is contagious, but so is unconditional love. Fulfill your destiny from the energy of love, trust, joy and allowing. Only by shifting ourselves can we be the light the world needs for greater peace, enlightenment and freedom.

Here’s to freedom, awakening and enlightenment. Take care of you. Namaste.