Lessons Learned at Big 5-0

I can’t believe I’m 50 today! I feel much younger and much more alive than when I was in my 30s.

Well… but of course… 20 years ago, I was a single mom, juggling 2 children, house chores and 2 jobs, bringing my kids to work, and bring work home… not so fun days especially when I was constantly misplacing my glasses, or my keys, or driving away with my coffee on top of the car.

Was it only 10 years ago when I found myself on my bathroom floor beginning to question what I was doing on earth, uncertain  whether or not I wanted to be here. It took a ski accident for me to wake up, look at the life I’d created, and start my journey back home to me.

Little did I know that moment was the beginning of a calling.

And now, I am excited to coach, speak, write, support more and more people waking up, and are consciously choosing to reclaim their power and raise their vibration to create a life they love to live.

The difference is night and day. A life of struggle, pushing and striving vs. a life of ease, grace and effortlessness. I feel on top of the world at 50, vibrationally, that is.

If someone told me in my 30s that I’d now be talking to angels and my Higher Self at 50, I would look at them funny and most likely avoid that person like a plague. Weren’t we told only the special and favored ones witness apparitions?

Bullshit. We are all special and divinely unique. Made in the image and likeness of God. We’d been fooled and trained since birth to believe we are less and that we are limited.

Total and utter bullshit. Yeah that’s me turning 50! Fully calling out what was never true but was drilled in our brain.

It took me a while to embrace the words blasphemy and sacrilegious. We are all children of God. Tell me what’s blasphemous about fully claiming and embodying that?

There’s a massive shift in consciousness happening now and more and more people are refusing to stay trapped in a hamster wheel, doing busy work and doing it all alone had long ago lost its appeal.

Suffering is not required any longer.Those who are unwilling to change and let go of the old way of grinding, proving and pushing things to happen, those who fight and resist change, are finding themselves struggling in emotional swings.

As a coach, and having a coach myself, I know first hand how quickly and effectively we can cut through insecurities,  uncertainties and unnecessary suffering as we ascend our consciousness and build a business and lifestyle in deeper alignment with our soul’s purpose.

So today, on my 50th birthday, I thought I’d share a few key things to guide you on your journey as well as help you avoid the mistakes I was doing that invited the cosmic 2x4s that woke me up.

Your well-being, finances and relationships need not take a hit. Simply be willing to relax the resistance, let go and let God.

#1. Gift yourself the time and space to honor and prioritize yourself.

With the everyday hustle and bustle and endless demands on us, learn to know what you want and what gives you joy and don’t be afraid to say no to anything that dims your spark and joy.

#2. Learn to love, accept and forgive yourself wholly, fully and unconditionally.

You gotta love yourself first. After all, how can you love thy neighbor as thyself if thy cup runs empty?

I was running on fumes and I had no awareness that the vibration I was putting out was dense and negative and nasty. And the nastier I got, the more i hated myself. And the more I hated myself, the more depressed I got. And the more depressed I got the nastier I got.

It didn’t take very long to spiral down to hell.

#3. You are not born to suffer.

Pain is inevitable. But suffering is optional. Don’t wait for someone to rescue you. Just like you are not responsible for someone else’s happiness, you and only you are responsible for your happiness.

Guilt, worry, control and manipulation will never equate to love. It always carries with it resentment. It will always feel empty and lacking… because it is coming from energy of lack.

#4. You cannot be financially free unless you yourself are free.

For me, nothing works unless I am in full alignment. If I am not in alignment, if I am out of integrity with myself, then I am just fooling myself, and will always live in split energy of internal conflict, and that’s the very definition of imprisonment in my personal experience.

#5. You are unique and unparalleled.

Your gifts, talents and genius are unlike any other. And so is your path. Your path is a unique path that only you can walk.  No cookie cutter approach will work. There are no shortcuts and spiritual bypass either. You are called to self-realization.

#5. Self love is key to self-realization.


  • Self love is the antidote to fear, lack and separation.
  • Self love is key to success, wealth and abundance.
  • Self love is key to healing and well being.
  • Self love is key to deeply fulfilling relationships.
  • Self love is key to spiritual enlightenment.
  • Self love is key to serving God and living your purpose.

Wow, that’s a lot of self love. You know why? Because you are what matters. When you love you, you love God and all of Creation. Think about it. What good would loving thy neighbor as thyself be if you are your own worst enemy? Self-love isn’t selfish, but is antidote to selfishness.

The shift in consciousness taking place on the planet right now can take you by surprise. Make sure you are taking care of you by loving yourself first.

If you are affected by the ascending energies intent on waking you up, or if you are feeling a pull, a strong calling to align your business and spirit, break through your upper financial limit, expand your reach and fulfill your purpose, I can help you create and execute a plan to make that happen. 

Apply for Aligning Inner and Outer Wealth Business Coaching Here.  

Here’s to celebrating life, love and ascension.

Happy Birthday to me.