Visioning Your Best Life

WAKE UP, GET UNSTUCK, and Take Back your POWER

Group Call #1 Recording – Visioning 2015 and Your Best Life

Enjoy this BONUS replay of a powerful group training call where you will experience the power of VISIONING and connecting with your heartfelt desires. This group call replay is all content and was designed to empower you to get clear on where you are right now and where you truly want to be.

WAKE UP, GET UNSTUCK, and Take Back your POWER

Client Success Story

“During the phone call with Tess, I envisioned myself waking up to go down to work in my basement. The vision was very specific, full of fun details that excited me. At the time, the basement was a concrete, closed to the outside world storage facility. And the money to build such an endeavor not on the horizon, never mind in the bank. But I visioned it, G-d sent me that download. And a few months later, while convalescing in bed from a collapsed lung, my husband one morning suggested I draw up plans for this vision. Just to have an idea, he said. Once it was drawn up, he suggested we get it looked at by a builder to get an estimate. There were still no funds available for this. Then a conversation with someone about what my husband was encouraging me to do, and bam! we got the money! And then the contractor. And by June we had the basement opened to daylight so we could move things out. By September, the building was complete and we opened the doors on the completely furnished, fully functional Beit Roga Center for Healthier Living. Dream to reality in 9 months. The amount of time it takes to create a baby. Befitting. Note that at the beginning of this journey, this seemed unreasonable and far off. As Tony Robbins says: extraordinary living comes from unreasonable thinking. Believe in the unreasonable. Make your dreams happen.”
~ Devorrah Harrow, Beit Roga Center for Healthier Living, Israel.

Nothing brings me greater joy than see you fully come alive, empowered and free.

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