Reflections: Christmas 2020

Today is Christmas Eve and I am here in small town Nebraska, in the middle of nowhere, living in silence and solitude.

2020 was challenging. Collectively speaking, there were plenty of heartbreak, health challenges, amplified fears, worries, and uncertainties. There was lots of destruction and chaos, outrage and out of control emotions.

There were plenty of people who had to walk away from and cut off friendships and familial relationships, literally and online.

On a personal level, I myself had to nip in the bud and cut off those who were oppressive, unable to even take a moment to hear where I was coming from, and rather, just attacking and/or ordering me to “stay in my own lane.” The arrogance!

People who I’d hardly exchanged two words over the years suddenly popped up out of nowhere to try and silence, judge, insult and belittle me.

I don’t think so!

Even my own children blocked me – both in real life and on social media – for voicing my opinion and for siding with constitutional freedom and medical liberties. It stung like a son of a b*&^%.  But not as much as what I remember HELL felt like.

I can’t go back there… in darkness… in HELL.

I cannot go against my own voice, my own Spirit, my own SOUL. I cannot give away my power, my voice, or my Soul to tyrants who obviously poisoned and hijacked my children’s minds and sense of truth.

These bullies and tyrants can attempt to disconnect and separate me from my children, but on a much higher and larger perspective, in the ONENESS of it all, no one can steal my children’s love from me. It is never lost.

This tragedy has only fueled me to go beyond the pain and really stand in UNSHAKEABLE TRUTH AND LIGHT that ONLY LOVE REMAINS. My love for my children is always here. Not in the manner that they can hurt or disconnect from – or to some abuse, belittle, or oppress – but here, pure and wild and abundant. The kind of love that has transcended guilt, shame, judgment, and manipulation.

It is very surprising and liberating and empowering to live in so much love and joy even when faced with so much oppression and suppression and domination. It only proves and anchors in this place of heaven for me; the sacred place that sustains me. It is no longer a glimpse; it is my reality.

Inside of me is this heaven that can no longer be denied, suppressed nor silenced. There are so many gifts and expressions of joy and depth now revealed in me, as me, which I also recognize in others.

Despite the challenges, earth angels have also revealed themselves to me. They’ve shown up, and keep showing up, amplifying my own piece of heaven on earth.

It may be a fleeting glance, it may last longer than a moment, but what I know with absolute certainty is that they ALWAYS show up, showering me and reflecting back to me the recognition of my own Soul in them, and their Soul in mine. We are reflecting ONE LIGHT, and that tells me that heaven is here right now, available to those that desire it in their heart and soul and physical reality.

I have long ago entrusted my children to Archangel Metatron. Just like I too had to separate from my own mother and find my own truth and my own path, so are my children creating their own path and finding themselves. I will not get in the way of their Higher Self realizations.

There’s only one of us here. And only LOVE remains.

I welcome and embrace the chaos and destruction and dismantling of the old world of suppression and oppression and tyranny. That is an old paradigm, and it is leaving our collective consciousness all too quickly and quite aggressively.

Because it is time.

I await and hold space for the return of each and one of us to our Soul Power, in complete ONENESS with PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS as our DIVINE HUMAN SELVES.

Thank you, 2020, for so many lessons that I wish I could fully capture in this blog post.

Most of all, thank you for pushing me out of hiding and for catalyzing the birth of Monthly Soul Powered Leadership webinars, Monthly Soul Powered Activations, replays are available in my YouTube channel.  Also grateful for my new podcast, Soul Power to the People, (Rising Above Crimes Against Humanity) Podcast, which launched in November. 

Here’s wishing everyone the awareness and Higher Knowing to unwrap the gift of Christmas that is deep in our hearts.

Merry Christmas. And Heaven On Earth in 2021.

Much love,