Assessment Coaching

Behavioral Assessment Coaching 

Your First Step to Creating the Life You Deserve and Desire

Designed to uncover 1 or 2 things about yourself that will make a key difference in your life. You will gain insight about yourself and how to move forward and progress in life, relationships and career.

Coaching with me is a dynamic 4-step process that will give you the tools to get you on the path to Self Mastery and Soul Integration.

  • REWIRE your anxious mind and silence your inner critic for good.
  • RECONNECT mind and heart so they are not at war with each other.
  • RECONDITION automatic knee-jerk patterns and end self sabotage.
  • RESTORE your true spirit to its fullest and most authentic expression.

We will focus on Self-Discovery.

We will –

  • Clarify what makes you unique and irreplaceable and learn how you can grow to become all you were meant to be
  • Learn what holds you back, your blind spots, your default go to when you’re stressed, any weaknesses and behavioral patterns that derails your success and trigger negative reaction and how will you overcome it
  • Uncover strengths and learn how to draw upon them so you are not held back by fears and doubts in order to move past your current roadblocks and barriers to success.
  • Develop and cultivate high level of awareness and knowledge about yourself so you can make swift and confident decisions and stop second guessing yourself
  • Learn how to adjust your behavioral style to increase sales, performance and productivity
  • Create powerful connections professionally and personally
  • Develop communication skills so you better understand your spouse, your boss, or your team members,
  • Resolve a conflict and respond differently and positively to a situation or person.


  • Prerequisite: none
  • DISC Assessment
  • Motivator Assessment
  • Self Debrief
  • Up to 3 hours Private 1:1 Assessment Coaching Session conducted via telephone or video conference


  • We meet by telephone or video conference (Skype/Zoom).
  • Behavioral Assessment session is up to 3 hours
  • You will receive a “Welcome Packet” which includes information on how I work, link to the assessment site, and worksheets you will fill out to let me know who you are and what you want to achieve from coaching with me.
  • You have access to me via email in between our sessions. You are free to share with me insights, breakthroughs, or challenges.
  • These sessions are completely private and confidential. I may use your story as an example with other clients but with complete anonymity.


Tess combines Strategic Intervention + Awakening Coaching + Accounting +  Intuition to affect permanent change and transformation in the most essential, strategic and practical method. Her clients are effectively moved to take inspired and aligned action, in a way that human needs are fulfilled and elevated, and most importantly, in a way that the client is deeply integrated at a soul level.

Ready to explore if this is the solution for you? Book a free 20-minute call here.  Or email me at Tess@OpenHeartMindCoaching.com.