Awakening Coaching


How are you going from intellectual knowing to soul integration? How are you going to elevate your ordinary life, your relationships, your marriage, your parenting, how you show up at work and business, and live in highest Soul alignment?

Coaching with me is a dynamic 4-step process that will give you the tools to get you on the path to Self Mastery and Soul Integration.

  • REWIRE your anxious mind and silence your inner critic for good.
  • RECONNECT mind and heart so they are not at war with each other.
  • RECONDITION automatic knee-jerk patterns and end self sabotage.
  • RESTORE your true spirit to its fullest and most authentic expression.

All 4 steps are dynamic and happening simultaneously in each session. It’s designed to help you gain self-mastery over your psychology, emotions and authentic soul expression.

We will focus on Self-Actualization.

  • Focus: Spiritual growth, soul alignment, leadership from within.
  • Purpose: Awaken your spiritual potential, align with your soul, and lead authentically.
  • Approach: Utilizes Awakening Coaching, Ego Soul Integration, and Soul Embodiment.
  • Key Features: Spiritual coaching, integrating ego and soul, embodying soul essence.
  • Outcome: Guides you on a journey of spiritual growth, soul alignment, and empowered leadership.

Month 1: Excavate
Dig down and excavate mental blocks, limiting thoughts, beliefs, and the programming and conditioning stored in the shadows of your subconscious, so you can set yourself free.

Month 2: Plant Seeds
Activate your soul seed that stores your unique gifts, innate power and true self so you can start experiencing greater love, authenticity and confidence.

Month 3: Nurture & Cultivate
Integrate ego and soul, feminine and masculine, human and divine, so you can experience oneness, unity, and harmony within yourself.

Month 4: Grow
Activate divine love and grace, move your mind to heart space, open your heart to soul expansion and activate your spirit.

Month 5: Harvest
Harvest newfound awareness, deeper vibrational alignment, greater clarity, your unique self-expression, synchronicity, new opportunities, improved relationships, richness and wholeness.

Month 6: Contribute
Enjoy the fruits of your unique gifts, genius, talents and authentic expression. Generate energy within and create an empowered future. The world is your oyster. Your unique gift of contribution is now unleashed to fulfill your soul’s highest potential.

It is gentle and effective, with no downtime, because it is a co-creative partnership between you and me, designed to meet your unique needs, style and preference.


  • Prerequisites: Assessment Coaching and Strategy Coaching
  • Support and accountability
  • Private 1:1 Awakening Coaching Session conducted via telephone or video conference
  • Unlimited email support in between sessions
  • Resources to expand upon, reinforce and anchor new insights, patterns and strategies to create a new aligned way of being.
  • Homework to keep the momentum moving forward
  • Highly Individualized Coaching tailor made specifically to meet your individual needs rather than a one-size-cookie-cutter approach.


  • We meet by telephone or video conference (Skype/Zoom) twice a month.
  • Each session is 45 minutes.
  • You will receive a “Welcome Packet” which includes information on how I work and worksheets you will fill out to let me know who you are and what you want to achieve from coaching with me.
  • You have unlimited access to me via email in between our sessions. You are free to share with me insights, breakthroughs, or challenges.
  • These sessions are completely private and confidential. I may use your story as an example with other clients but with complete anonymity.


Tess combines Strategic Intervention + Awakening Coaching + Accounting +  Intuition to affect permanent change and transformation in the most essential, strategic and practical method. Her clients are effectively moved to take inspired and aligned action, in a way that human needs are fulfilled and elevated, and most importantly, in a way that the client is deeply integrated at a soul level.

Ready to explore if this is the solution for you? Book a free 20-minute call here.  Or email me at Tess@OpenHeartMindCoaching.com