Strategy Coaching


Here’s the deal. Just because you are stuck doesn’t mean you are broken, wrong, less than, or that you will never get out of your situation alive, or never again succeed in life.

The truth is, you don’t need a coach. You have an innate guiding light, an inner compass to create the life you deserve and desire. Except… you have forgotten who you are.

As long as you are disconnected from your WHOLENESS of Self, as long as you are giving energy and power to this inner sense of lack and separation, then you are unintentionally and unconsciously creating more lack by giving power to self-doubt and self-sabotaging behaviors.

In other words, it’s a vicious cycle of self-abandonment.

My job as your coach is to put a stop to unconscious patterns of confusion, self-abandonment, and disempowerment. It is this pattern that perpetuates inner sense of lack and separates you from your true knowing and power.

Open Heart Mind Strategy Coaching dives deep into the root of separation and takes into account all aspects of your beingness – body, mind, emotions and spirit – no parts left behind.

Coaching with me is a dynamic 4-step process that will give you the tools to get you on the path to Self Mastery and Soul Integration.

  • REWIRE your anxious mind and silence your inner critic for good.
  • RECONNECT mind and heart so they are not at war with each other.
  • RECONDITION automatic knee-jerk patterns and end self sabotage.
  • RESTORE your true spirit to its fullest and most authentic expression.

We will focus on Self-Mastery.

All 4 steps are dynamic and happening simultaneously in each session. It’s designed to help you gain self-mastery over your psychology, emotions and authentic soul expression.

This is a more intensive and deeper work than Accountability Coaching. It is designed to restore your inner state of stability, harmony and balance as well as re-establish your memory of your wholeness.

  • Focus: Strategic Intervention for Business Leaders

    Purpose: Attain self-mastery and strategic alignment.

    Approach: Dynamic sessions fostering mastery over psychology, emotions, and authentic soul expression.

    Key Features:

    1. Clarify Vision
    2. Create Milestones
    3. Strategize Action
    4. Uncover Blocks
    5. Master Psychology

    Outcome: Break free, transform obstacles, and experience heightened self-awareness and empowerment.

5 master steps to break out, break free of stuck energy and take back your power:

  1. Clarify your vision
  2. Create key milestone objectives
  3. Strategize and map out an action plan
  4. Uncover hidden blocks and self-sabotage
  5. Master your psychology and ability to shift your energy.

Knowing what you want out of life is hard! Maybe for years, you’ve become an expert on listening to others’ wants and needs that you’ve become an expert on ignoring your own. If you grew up in an non-supportive environment that had you constantly questioning your confidence and abilities, where you were not encouraged or given permission to think for yourself, or you experienced a traumatic event that had you neglect your dreams and aspirations, then connecting with your vision might feel difficult. This is where I come in to help you clarify what (you may have forgotten) is important to you, what it is you truly desire and enjoy, and what lights up your soul.

Now that you know where you are headed, we can then create specific milestones and long term goals that in the past you may have shrugged off and thought impossible to achieve. This is where you and I will create magic. We will bring to light and activate what lies dormant and waiting to come alive deep in your heart. We will break down, deprogram and deactivate false core belief that keeps you in separation as well as patterns of avoidance, perfectionism, addiction, or bright shiny object syndrome as well as deprogram your false core beliefs. We will cultivate the right habits, conditions and mindset to set you up for success.

Without a coach as a sounding board, this is usually where people kill their dreams. They think of “how” and immediately come to a halt thinking their dreams are out of reach and impossible. I won’t let you give up on your soul-aligned vision. You and I will brainstorm a step by step action plan and map out a unique path that feels right to you. You will have access to a wide variety of resources and information to keep you on track and making progress. You’ll stop fighting yourself because you have a clear focus, intent, and effective structures in place. You will amaze yourself at the progress and shifts you are creating every step of the way.

Here we are strengthening your plan by finding holes and weak points that may be problematic. You’ll have a clearer understanding what had held you back in the past. You will make peace with fears, anxieties, doubts and any other triggers and resistances that show up so that not only are you taking massive actions, you are also simultaneously creating consistent and outstanding results.

With a coach to hold your hand, and more importantly hold space for you, believe in you, you are creating momentum and experiencing yourself at whole new levels. You are tapping into your own strength and value, and taking inspired action. You will start learning how to master your psychology and shift your emotional state. You will find that what was once a heartbreak, trauma, or obstacle has truly been an enlightening experience and a gift to come to this level of awareness and empowerment.


  • Prerequisite: Assessment Coaching
  • Support and accountability
  • Private 1:1 Strategy Coaching Session conducted via telephone or video conference
  • Unlimited email support in between sessions
  • Resources to expand upon, reinforce and anchor new insights, patterns and strategies to create a new aligned way of being.
  • Homework to keep the momentum moving forward
  • Highly Individualized Coaching tailor made specifically to meet your individual needs rather than a one-size-cookie-cutter approach.


  • We meet by telephone or video conference (Skype/Zoom) twice a month.
  • Each session is 45 minutes.
  • You will receive a “Welcome Packet” which includes information on how I work and worksheets you will fill out to let me know who you are and what you want to achieve from coaching with me.
  • You have unlimited access to me via email in between our sessions. You are free to share with me insights, breakthroughs, or challenges.
  • These sessions are completely private and confidential. I may use your story as an example with other clients but with complete anonymity.


Tess combines Strategic Intervention + Awakening Coaching + Accounting +  Intuition to affect permanent change and transformation in the most essential, strategic and practical method. Her clients are effectively moved to take inspired and aligned action, in a way that human needs are fulfilled and elevated, and most importantly, in a way that the client is deeply integrated at a soul level.

Ready to explore if this is the solution for you? Book a free 20-minute call here.  Or email me at Tess@OpenHeartMindCoaching.com