Shame around money

There is always a way to create your financial success regardless what financial distress you are in. But you gotta be brutally honest where you are and really look at your current spending pattern and belief system that put you in that situation to begin with.


You need to be truthful with yourself, ok? Don’t be trapped in shame.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Take stock. Are you spending beyond your means??? Are you buying what you really want and need? Are you emotionally spending? Has it been your pattern to dig yourself in a hole? What sort of limitations do you accept as truth and identify with? Are you where you wanna be financially?

When you are ready to lay down your defenses, your excuses, your rationalizations, your story, your identification with everything you think is wrong with you, or everything you think is wrong with others… When you’re ready to stop blaming, playing the victim and playing small…

When you’re ready to stop convincing yourself you are living the ideal life when you’re really not… When you’re sick and tired of the crappy results you are getting financially… and it’s affecting other areas of your life… 

When you are ready to face your truth and take personal responsibility and take action..

THAT is when you turn your financial situation around towards financial freedom.

The truth shall set you free.

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