Interviews and Podcast and Radio (old)

Jennifer Bloome interviews Tess Vergara

Norma Cohn of Let’s Talk About It Las Vegas interviews Tess Vergara on breaking out of old patterned way of being which gives way to integration and transformation and then our rise to Soul Power.(JULY 2021)


Polly Tommey of Children’s Health Defense interviews Tess Vergara to share Mom’s story after the 2 Pfz jab at The People’s Testaments. (JUNE 2021)

The Real Tea Podcast Empowerment Nest with guest, Tess Vergara. Tess shares her strategy in building up those who would have otherwise been torn down. (June 2021)



Leanne Blaney interviews Tess Vergara on how travelling through Europe was an inner journey to herself at Ignite Your Life Podcast. (Feb 2021)


Derek Hanjora interviews Tess Vergara on subject of mental health


Colleague and client, Rob Wagner of HUM Business Coaching interviews Tess on
Will Power vs Soul Power (Dec 2020)

Del Denney of Upgrade Your Life Podcast interviews Tess Vergara on
How to get back into ALIGNMENT when everything is going crazy


Gayle Nicholson, host of Corona spotlight 2020 interviews Tess Vergara on
Shift from Fear Power to SoulPower for Your Best Chance to Survive This Intense Global Crisis

Maria Lucassen of Women Seeking Blissful Retirement Podcast interviews Tess Vergara on
Finding your purpose for the next chapter.




Dr. Matt Scott of the Wellness Way interviews Tess on the 4 Pillars to Wellness (Dec 2019)


Interview with Angela Grover
Dear friend and client, Angela Grover of Pattern for Health Nutritional Therapy interviews Tess Vergara about how being in alignment can speed healing! (Nov 2019)


Business Talk Radio Interviews 





Wayne Eddy of KYMN Radio interviews Tess Vergara (May 2018)

Tess with Wayne Eddy of KYMN Radio

Tess Vergara



Tess hosts The Awakening Hearts Show at Off The Cuff Radio

Self Love vs Self Care vs Self Respect August 10, 2018


Contraction vs Expansion July 27, 2018

Is it Resistance or Realization? July 20, 2018


What ENERGY would you wear? July 6, 2018


Moving into a new world without going nuts June 8, 2018


Understanding Perfectionism May 25, 2018


From Grief to Awakening May 28, 2018


Law of Circulation April 27, 2018


Can you feel it? The PUSH for TRUTH. January 19, 2018


Earlier Interviews

Vincent Tuckwood of View Beyond LLC interviews Tess Vergara to discuss her clients, coaching practice and the change she helps bring to life!

Dr. Bart Rademaker interviews Tess Vergara. Check out this interview to learn 3 levels of consciousness.

Oct. 2013 Interview on Bless the Mess