Soul Power Your Chakra, a 7 Week Course to Wholeness


7 Week Journey Back to Wholeness

So you can live life to the fullest without the energy drain

and without giving your power away again ever!


Leaders, Executives, Coaches and Changemakers!

Take back your Mind, Take back your Voice, Take back your Soul, Take back your Power

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Classes begin April 15, 2021

Soul Power Your Chakra is a 7 week course back to wholeness linking the chakra systems with the 6 Human Needs as taught by Tony Robbins.

No more self sabotage! No more spiritual bypass! This is a 7 week journey back to wholeness.


Our soul’s longing, our desire for wholeness, or whatever dreams and outcome we choose to achieve, whether getting married or advancing in career, building a business- they are all driven by 6 basic, universal, human needs that make us tick and drive all human behavior.

Then there’s the 7 bodily chakras that hold the keys to releasing behaviors that may have helped us in the past to succeed and survive, but now that you are stepping into your next stage of self leadership, you notice they are no longer supporting your highest good. And you may notice those behaviors and emotions as a self sabotage.

The Chakra system maps out the most important aspects of our wholeness and optimal functioning. If some chakras are deficient or excessive, it will affect our energy input and output.

So in this 7 week journey back to wholeness, we are combining both systems to understand Human Needs Psychology, learn the forces behind the amazing and wonderful things that we do and also why we do the crazy things that make us miserable and feeling drained, helpless, fatigued and disempowered.

Once we understand how our 6 human needs and how it drives our behaviors we can assist our chakras to heal and create inner peace and harmony with our lives.

When we use both models, we can use it to gain understanding about why we behave the wayh we do, and what is happening in our body, mind and spirit, when we behave a certain way.

Soul Power Your Chakra 7 week course is designed to give you the tools to create self awareness, deeper understanding of human behavior, and from that understanding, harmonize and balance patterns, behavior and activities that would otherwise prevent us from living happy and fulfilled lives.

This live online course will allow you to deeply understand and connect with your own energy and how you can redirect your energy to have a lasting change affecting every single aspect of your life.

The benefits can go much deeper than intellectual understanding, or meditating the blockage away, by actually stepping into self mastery and using Human Needs Psychology understand parts of our personalities that are underdeveloped, and which ones are overdeveloped.

Please join me, Tess Vergara, for a powerful and life-altering 7 week class to understand human behavior, create shifts and transformations around what patterns of thoughts, words and deeds limit or drain your energy and hinders your natural flow with life and alignment with your highest gifts and potentials.

In this training you will:

  • Identify the chakras governing your body, mind, heart and spirit, and how to know if they are open or blocked
  • Discover how each of the seven chakras impacts how you engage in life experiences
  • Learn the 6 human needs and how each one determines the direction of your life.
  • Break out of unhealed trauma and destructive patterns by understanding the needs that shape your own behavior
  • Be more open to receiving love, support and appreciation from the people that surround you
  • Recognize the behavior of procrastination, judgment, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome
  • Uncover why you are stuck in a mindset of scarcity and lack of confidence, as well as why you struggle with communication and indecision
  • Learn how to balance your chakras so you can rise into your power and liberate yourself from pattern of self abuse and disempowerment 
  • Begin to boost your chakras to experience more inner balance and harmony
  • Gain tools, tips and tricks to balance your chakras so you can feel peaceful within and in the world around you
  • Reconnect to your passion, purpose and be fully expressed in embodying what fulfills your Soul

This training is for you if 

  • You a high-achiever who has manifested great success in your professional life as a leader, executive, coach and changemaker and ready to step into Soul Powered leadership and uplevel in service and contribution.
  • You are highly skilled and hold prestigious degrees and certifications, and have done a ton of personal and spiritual work, but nothing has quite addressed the gap between what you know and what you the growing restlessness and yearning within.
  • You have done some inner work to unleash your emotional intelligence — maybe even therapy or energy healing — but you are looking for the next step to truly feel whole, congruent and integrated and quit slipping back into undesired behaviors.
  • You are looking to fully express yourself and be free to fulfill your Soul’s calling and put an end to burnout, depression and overwhelm.

Here’s what you’ll get in the seven weeks:

  • Learn the 7 bodily chakra
  • 6 Human Needs
  • Explore unresolved childhood wounds and hereditary patterns embedded in each of your seven chakras.
  • Masculine and Feminine Energies
  • Learn to use EFT and chakra meditations to clear and heal the chakras
  • Expand Your vision of what’s possible
  • Raise your frequency to attract to you opportunities and resources
  • Q&A, laser coaching
  • Every class will be recorded so you can review the recording at anytime to deepen the experience
  • You’ll have access to online private community where you can share your insights and breakthroughs
  • Between classes you will receive exercises and recorded meditations to deepen your healing and self exploration



Email me at Tess@tessvergara.com with questions on registration and course information.