• Autumn Kaye

    says —

    As a coach and a friend, Tess is supportive, trusting, wise, authentic, caring, and inspiring. She is inspiring me to focus my energy on the goals and actions that bring the most joy into my life (and the lives of others).

    During coaching calls, every minute brings new clarity. Tess is very insightful in identifying subconscious blockages and positive opportunities. She provides helpful tools (meditations, affirmations, visualizations) for manifesting the positive opportunities. Everything that Tess provides is 100% unique to your life’s journey.

    Her insight and tools have advanced my progress in-between coaching calls. I have learned how to take positive actions with certainty and confidence.

    When talking with Tess, I can feel her authentic, positive energy. She is an absolute joy of a coach! I recommend her to anyone!

  • Crystal Henderson

    says —

    First I have to say as a professional coach, I hold other coaches to a very high standard. Tess was no exception. And she certainly met and exceeded my standards. Tess is a well trained coach with lots of tools in her tool belt. She is also one of the most caring individuals I have ever met. I started working with Tess after I went to one of her workshops. I was really impressed with her insightfulness and her loving spirit. I needed a coach to help me expand my business. Tess was amazing. She not only shared her amazing wisdom with me but was also the catalyst for the growth of my business, Life Unleashed Academy. I went from having a solo coaching practice to having a larger group coaching practice with more clients and making more money. I am so excited to see my clients reach their goals and I attribute that in a large part to the coaching I received from Tess. If you need a great coach, you will be glad you hired Tess!

    Crystal Henderson, Partner, Life Unleashed Academy

  • Jamie Arias

    says —

    Tess is like no other coach I’ve worked with because she is able to get to the heart of what’s in the way of living authentically. I was stuck, unhappy and confused about which action to take, and in my coaching with Tess things became clear quickly, and I have a clear path and plan. What you do with Tess through coaching creates lasting change and a new “normal “. Tess helped me over several months to find, define, and finally put into a strategic plan, my life purpose. Thank you Tess for being so willing to speak the truth with me. I can’t thank you enough for showing me how hard work, and the willingness to go deeper could pay off so much!

  • Kathrine Doolen

    says —

    Tess has a unique way of cutting through blockages and getting to the core of the issue. Just seeing her once made a big difference in my perception of the problem I was working on. I no longer have that problem! she truly loves what she does and cares about helping you help yourself!

  • Sarah Sandin

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  • Laura Mills

    says —

    When I met Tess for the first time, I was a bit of a mess. I was burning the candle at both ends, to say the least. I was overworked, overtired and in a depression. I was not enjoying my time at home with my family as I felt drained both physically and spiritually.

    In my very first consultation with Tess I felt a great sense of hope and ambition that I can break free of these patterns. Tess brings extensive insight and wisdom to the barriers and obstacles I have built around myself. She has afforded me clarity to discover a more healthy and authentic way of being. Tess has helped me to discover my higher purpose and has gifted me with a refreshing perspective on life. Tess has guided me to open my heart to unresolved grief around a late miscarriage and diagnosis of an autoimmune disease and begin healing.

    After working with Tess, I experience a lot less anxiety and stress and feel much more connected and centered both at home and at work. I love that I feel a rekindled sense of presence and playfulness with my kids again. I am honored and grateful to be working with Tess.

  • Angela Glover

    says —

    Tess is amazing! My husband and I were really struggling to find the love between us.

    We had lost a lot of family members to illness and were pretty much swimming in grief. I’m so grateful she knows how to coach from a strategic perspective. Her method is very effective at breaking things down into pieces you can handle. But Tess’ ability to do energy work was key for me. She is very intuitive and able to read how deep you are willing to delve in a session. The integration work was instrumental to me finally understanding what makes me tic. She was very good with my husband as well. The strong, quite type, his ideas and wants are very different than mine at times. Tess was able to get him to open up about some past hurts and see how they were affecting the present. She taught us to communicate honestly, respectfully and with the intention of growing our love, rather than being right in an argument.

    I quote her on the regular, recommend her repeatedly to family and friends and still keep in touch about happy events and growth updates. She has become a friend and I love her dearly. I wouldn’t be where I am without her sweet spirit and wonderful coaching.

    Angela Grover, Pattern for Health Nutritional Therapy

  • Kitti Teso

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  • Diane Charlton

    says —

    Dianne Charlton, Montreal, Canada.

  • Yoko Tajima

    says —

    Tess is not only well experienced in her professional accounting field, but also she is warm, sensitive and has a deep understanding in people’s emotions, minds and energy healing. When I spoke with Tess, I was feeling overwhelmed, stressed and had a cold with lots of coughs. She helped me realize how my body, mind and business were connected. As we talked, she guided me to be in touch with my deeper emotion and longings and also to helped me to have a thriving mindset. After talking with Tess, I felt more confident to take actions and move forward to my goal to help thousands of Japanese business owners to grow their businesses without worrying how people think about me. I love my business and life even more. Thanks so much!

    Yoko Tajima, Business Coach

  • Michelle White Hart

    says —

    Tess! You really expanded my awareness and frequency around money and made it a lot more fun and mystical and practical. I clicked into a whole new way to earn money and found a new way to get into my action and offering my services. This is huge for me!!!

  • Emmalou Penrod

    says —

    Emmalou Penrod, healingyourfamilies.com