The Promise of the 4th!

There’s so much I want to share… which doesn’t surprise me since I haven’t written in a long while.

It’s 4th of July, and I am hearing many of you expressing difficulty celebrating Independence Day.

But here’s the thing –

We can’t NOT celebrate freedom just because others are denied it.

Oooh sounds heartless, Tess. I know, I know. Allow me explain.

Would you starve yourself to death just coz some people are starving and hungry in some parts of the world, or even in your own backyard?

Some might.

To protest. To show support. To make a statement. To take a stand.

And that is admirable.

It’s a beautiful thing to witness in others this passion and conviction that moves them so strongly to rise in action. It is amazing what passion and indignation can create transformation and make the world a better place.

It’s literally heartbreaking to just stand idly by while injustice is inflicted upon the needy and the weak, the poor and disadvantaged, the voiceless and powerless.

I remember my own anger and frustration to the point of shouting to get my message across yet no one listened. It took me years to realize I couldn’t effectively create change when I too was feeling disempowered, insignificant, empty. Lack only begets lack.

Think about it, if by taking a stand, you are starving yourself, literally or figuratively, then your fuel eventually runs out. This drive, this passion will dry up because it cannot sustain itself.

Why? Because You as Source is disconnected. It leaks your power and focus. Nothing is more exasperating than to give it all you’ve got and come to a point where you’ve got nothing left to give.

Going back to the metaphor of starving yourself, when you starve yourself, it lowers your own energy to basic survival. Your message in life, as lovely and moving, falls on deaf ears because who you are disconnected from, and ultimately punishing, you. You are self abandoning.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s a lot of courage and strength to be gained in standing your ground and fight for a cause no matter the consequences. It is so satisfying to look fear in the eye and tell it to take a hike. Oooooh that always feels so good and so rewarding. When you are connected and fully sourced from your authentic innate core power.

However if you are at the effect, and cut off from source, meaning your own energy feels self-defeating, depleting, and unsustainable, then what is happening is you are collapsing your energy or cutting off your own power source or plugged in the wrong socket!

So that is what happens when we starve ourselves. Our energy goes down, our emotions are high, we get cranky, irrational, combative, and before we know it we created more division and separation and make matters worse contributing more to the problem rather than the solution.

What we are doing really is feed more of our energy and fuel the very things that we desperately want to change. What we focus on grows. Negatively or positively, whatever we focus on is what we create more of and give power to.

And then we keep circling and recreating this impotence… this sense of defeat in the pit of the stomach… nothing more humiliating and humbling than to experience this sense of powerlessness and feeling victimized.

When impotence due to disconnection is the foundation of the fight, we create more of the same experience. We create more lack. We create more frustration. We create more negativity. In accounting, that’s like running on a deficit.

When the foundation is on a deficit, the frustration and sense of defeat gets stronger creating more lack and victimization. And will keep getting recreated and regurgitated in one’s balance sheet until we do something radically different.

What does a deficit look like in one’s personal life?

When standing on deficit (lack, disconnect and separation from your own source), when you are at the effect of what is going on around you, then you are creating or feeding LACK. Lack of reason to celebrate, lack of insight or foresight. This lack starts to eat you up inside.

  • You get headaches
  • You force yourself to be happy
  • You drink or work more or spend more just to feel better
  • You surround yourself with people you don’t even like just to commiserate with, and get through it all

No wonder you wake up 4th of July finding it difficult to celebrate FREEDOM.

Deep inside you feel trapped. You are drowning. You feel impotent to create or influence change.

What has to change?

Going back to the example, what if instead of starving ourselves, we feed ourselves, reconnect and refuel, so we can look beyond the problem?

I didn’t say ignore the problem. Or wish it away with positivity.

What I am saying is, step back, create distance, and allow a space through which solution can get through.


For every problem, there is a solution.

You just got to elevate yourself from the unconsciousness that created the problem, wake up, break free, and see your part in (creating) the solution.

FREEDOM is already who you are.

~ Tess Vergara

And that’s why you feel it is not right, it is not just, it is not fair, when freedom is taken from others by force, manipulation, deceit. It can never be right. And you know it from the pit of your stomach. That’s your truth.

However, when we are out of alignment or disconnected, there’s this rage and anguish that is woken up from deep within wanting full release, expression and fulfillment.

The freedom to fully express your Unique Self, your Soul, your Spirit.

The freedom to birth your infinite Pure Potentiality and Divinity.

The freedom to be a part of the creative process that brings about solution and change.

Somebody actually accused me of being a Pollyanna. That I am always looking at the bright side of life. Ok, accusation is a strong word. She really just mentioned it. But I am making a strong point here so bear with me.

People who assume this about me have no clue that I had been through hell and back to open up and expand my perspective. I had to go through the depths of my pain and anguish, face my demons, to finally find this freedom that I now gift back to people through Awakening Coaching.

There’s a huge problem out there. But we cannot solve it from the level of thinking it was created. Not from lack or victim consciousness.

There is a cosmic trigger going on, an intense call for humanity, and exciting opportunity available to all around the globe to wake up.

What we are seeing and experiencing is a breakdown of the old structure. The old way of being and doing – the machinations of ego and fear-based thinking – that insults our soul – is on its way out.

Keep the fight. But do not deplete yourself. Do not disconnect from your own Source. Do not buy into the fear and victimization. Connect back to your Truth. Who you are is FREEDOM awaiting release, expression and fulfillment.

Yes, protest. Yes, resist. But also check in with your own energy. What are you giving power to? Fear or Freedom?

How do you know?

Are you feeling energized by the fight while faithfully holding space for the new consciousness to evolve and birth in the physical realty? Or is the fight depleting you? Are you collapsing into the doom and gloom and fear that freedom cannot be had?

Check in what you are believing and bringing forth into creation.

Take responsibility what your energy is giving power to.

In this exciting times of awakening, let’s really become aware of what is in our consciousness and let go of what is getting in the way of creating the freedom we deeply long for and desire for ourselves, for all of humanity, for all of creation.

Within us lies a deep unquenchable longing for FREEDOM. It is like we are hungry for all that we are… all creativity, beauty, intelligence trapped unexpressed within us wanting FREEDOM to be here and now.

When faced with adversity, simply take notice. Where is your energy? And do your part in the conscious shift of reality, from fear to FREEDOM.

There’s many of us now who are awake. It is not the time to lose hope, courage, or vision. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize. The whole world is waking up and creating this PERMANENT SHIFT to freedom and enlightenment. Let’s (re)connect our energies and plug it in the right socket.

I repeat. Keep the fight, but not in a way that leaves you out in the cold. This is no longer the time to self abandon.

Your SOUL (and all of humanity) can no longer be denied the FREEDOM it knows it is.

2 thoughts on “The Promise of the 4th!”

  1. “When impotence due to disconnection is the foundation of the fight, we create more of the same. We create more lack. We create more frustration. We create more negativity. In accounting, that’s like running on a deficit.”

    I see this pattern every where in my life. The disconnection is the illusion. When disconnection appears real to me there is as fear that my needs will not be met and therefore I spin into a pattern of self preservation. The need arises to have my legitimate needs meet even if in illegitimate ways. This pattern perpetuates deeper into the cycle of an unbalanced lifestyle.

    • Thank you for that great insight and high level awareness. Such a debilitating pattern when one chooses to ignore or remain asleep. Blessings.

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