What I experienced from Money Breakthrough at Thrive Academy

I was just at my Business School, Thrive Academy’s 3-day Money Breakthrough Event.  As a Strategic Interventionist who coach on wealth creation, emotional mastery and spiritual awakening, this is an event I look forward to the most.

Money breakthrough is more than just recognizing what limiting beliefs you have about money. It is going deeper and getting in alignment with your true nature and releasing from a cellular level what no longer serves you.


Watching my business mentor, Jesse Koren, wield his mastery and facilitate transformation is such a treat. He delivers it with so much heart, and compassion while delicately maintaining and balancing the energy of the sensitive hearts in the room. I learn so much from him.

The breakthrough I personally experienced was manifold. I grew up watching my mom suffer and promised myself I will never be a doormat, a punching bag, nor rely on a man, any man for my safety and security. Hence I’d been wearing a superwoman cape.

Underneath the strong persona, however, is a lifelong pattern that I’ve written many times about, the false belief that “I am alone”. I’ve made tremendous strides identifying and interrupting this limiting pattern, but this time, I want to be rid of it once and for all.

I started out really engaged and fully participating at first. I loved how people welcomed me back after being gone for almost a year. After a while, however, after raising my hand the entire day and not called on, I felt my bubble burst. I felt a sense of defeat. 

I was very present to an old thought pattern that said nobody was interested with what I had to say, that I was not that important, or I was not a favorite. For an aspiring international speaker, this is a setback, yes? I was aware my inner 5 year old kid was acting up.

The urge to have a tantrum and run to my room and slam the door was so strong. I don’t enjoy being somewhere I wasn’t wanted but I also recognize this is a pattern and my mind is making it up.

So I vacillated from being conscious to being unconscious. It was exhausting to watch myself split into two and constantly catch myself to reconnect back with the group. It’s time for major integration. Go beyond awareness to full embodiment that I am not alone.

One of the exercises helped me tremendously. I was still confused at what just transpired onstage, was still processing, when we were asked to do a partner exercise. State Mastery is part of my training with Anthony Robbins Mastery University so I shifted on cue.

But what was neat was to notice on top of flipping on my inner switch was the ability to quickly drop down to my heart and silence the mind. This is a new muscle I’d been playing with since Europe and Hawaii. And a huge new insight I was excited about.

To feel in my body that I have full control, that I and only I can flip on or off my power switch, quickly drop down in my heart, and also notice a shift in my partner’s state in reaction to how I was being was huge. This is a very powerful tool to take back your power in any situation.

Picture this, in the face of adversity, or, when a person is scowling disapprovingly in front of you, do you back off and dim your light, or do you turn on your light so bright that he has no choice but to shift?

External sources cannot control you unless you decide it. You and only you have control over your inner switch. Really. Your only job is to manage your energy. Everything else will shift and right itself when you step into your light and raise your vibration.

I played with this in all the partner exercises, and it was empowering to see my partners shift state and light up as well. We all went beyond role playing. It was a heart to heart, soul to soul communication. One’s transformation also elevated and freed the other. It was powerful.

See, In Oneness Consciousness, everyone is another you. There is no other. We are all mirrors of each other’s light and shadows. I believe that every person who has made us suffer has done it for love whether or not they realize it.

Conversely, when we have hurt someone, we too have done it for love. I always say even Judas had a role in God’s greater plan in the human evolution to higher consciousness. It’s time to fully forgive yourself and reclaim your innocence.

At every moment, every experience is inviting us to look within and let go of past hurts and unforgiveness. Our complicated relationships and discontent are all signs pointing us to where we need healing and breakthroughs.

Towards the end, I did get called on stage to briefly share what I wanted to breakthrough. By then, I was a hot mess. I felt so raw and vulnerable exposing a part of me that got squashed each time I wore my superwoman cape.

And the love and support from everyone melted my resistance and the cape. The safe space allowed me to simply ask for the oneness and belonging I was craving for. No judgment. Just pure love. And it felt good to release the junk and step into a whole new way of being.

The 3-day event was simply amazing. And I am so thankful and so blessed for the experience of great leadership and mastery by Jesse and by the Love Consciousness that is the Thrive Community.

So, here’s my questions for you –

What does your deep heart really, really want – and what will you have to let go of to get it?

Which relationships, habits, patterns are sucking your life force energy leaving you drained, empty and un-full-filled?

Are you ready to to step into your own light?

If yes, email me at Tess@tessvergara.com so I can support and hold space and vision to your awakening to light and freedom.


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  1. Tess, that was such a great article.. Well written and inspired. My favorite sentence, ” I was a hot mess by then.” By the time u got called on stage.

    Congratulations on all your inner work
    So you can change an outer world!

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