Black Friday Exclusive Offer

Exclusive Offer To Returning Clients

For returning clients only.

Limited space.

Offer expires by end of next week, 12/4/2020. 


1:1 Soul Powered Executive Coaching for leaders with greater self awareness and stepping into greater leadership from the level of Soul.

1 full year, 1 – 45 min session per month, total 12 sessions, uniquely tailored to support and guide fully step into Soul Powered Leadership.

You and I will privately work 1:1 to breakthrough and guide you to gain greater self awareness, unleash untapped potentials, broaden your leadership skills, and hold space and coach you through behavioral change and ascent in consciousness.

Other areas: Life coaching, Stress management coaching, Work/life balance coaching, Confidence coaching, Time and Energy management coaching, Organizational coaching, Motivational coaching, Relationship coaching, Interpersonal skills coaching, Communication coaching, Spiritual coaching, Family coaching, Career coaching, Business coaching.

Monthly Coaching 45 min, up front $997, total 12 sessions. 

  • One 45-minute virtual session
  • Sessions are conducted via Zoom, FaceTime, phone call, whichever you prefer. If on Zoom, our session will be recorded and which you can download it from google drive.
  • Accountability check in via email
  • Special Pricing on Additional Sessions. 90 min or half day Breakthrough sessions are also available.