• Karen S.

    says —

    Tess, you managed to get a couple of pretty deep seated issues in one session! Thank you so much for that. You were very supportive and it felt like you came from a real place of love and caring, understanding and compassion. You definitely have a gift for this work and I wish you all the best for the future. Thanks. xxx.

  • Jamie Pitts

    says —

    Tess is a powerhouse in a gentle way. She has the talent and willingness to go as deep as necessary, and this huge array of tools, and intuitively knows what’s next. I was so fragmented and disjointed, and now I have this peace. A peace of mind that lasts.

    Jamie Pitts, Wellness Coach, Arizona

  • Barbara F.

    says —

    Tess went underneath surface stuff, open and welcoming, had this peaceful feeling after the ugly crying that came up, bunch off my chest that I couldn’t tell anybody else, but with her spiritual coaching and deep compassion, my inner dolphin that hardly came out to play had definitely been more fun, creative and free.

    Barbara F. Business Coach, Massachusetts

  • Clarence Oliver

    says —

    Tess Vergara has the ability to get down to the root of what is holding you back, direct you in looking at things in a new and empowering light, that allows you to express yourself fully so that you are not just happy, but the people around you are as well. Talking with Tess is an enlightening experience for which I am glad to have had the opportunity to receive.

  • Alexandra Fox

    says —

    Severe throat inflammation miraculously healed in just 2 days! Thank you, Tess Vergara for helping me through the “integration process”. It’s so fascinating.

    Alexandra Fox, Australia

  • Jakob Bøge

    says —

    Tess, you have been my coach on and off for several years and
    you have made an incredible difference for me. And I will say that no matter the challenge, length of the session, the topic – you always nail it.

    Having you as a coach is in a way comparable to watching a series. Every
    episode comes to a conclusion with clarity, new understanding and a
    feeling of being able to move forward in an empowered manner. And at the
    same time it seems like you have layers of deeper understanding of what
    is going on – which ties the sessions (episodes) together and over time
    creates a story far deeper, more powerful and profound that I had
    expected or was able to see up front.

    So I must say that I have always felt change when talking to you. You
    have been a pillar in my development as a loving and empowered man.

    Thank you!

    Jakob Bøge, Coach/Therapist, Denmark

  • Desiree Juzdan Ghosn

    says —

    Tess is an exceptional person with a big heart, a generous soul, large knowledge in multiple fields! I joined her Freedom Leaders workshop and it was just amazing. She holds space for every participant, attentive to every word, providing the needed support based or her large expertise in many subjects. Personally, Tess lead me to discover a limiting belief that I was not aware of and to free myself from! Thank you Tess ❤️

  • Rachel Loeslie

    says —

    Tess’s coaching taps right into your soul, and aims right for a deep self awareness and awakening. Working with her helped me get right into alignment on my energy and clarity for where I want to take my business and my life. A refreshing high level approach to lighting your fire. I’d recommend her for coaching you to see your own way in a hurry!

  • Jacqui Grant

    says —

    Tess is an incredible person and coach. During our coaching session, I was able to ground, clear blocks, and Step Into Me! As a coach myself, I know how important it is to be present. However, sometimes we need some additional support and expert guidance which I received from Tess. I highly recommend Tess.

  • Sarah Pointer

    says —

    The shift that Tess ignited in me was extraordinary. I had so much resistance and knew she was taking me somewhere usually inaccessible to me that I had buried in deep shame and egoic protection. Through a powerful integration process, Tess helped me turn to embrace my mind for the first time. The re-connection and reintegration of my mind with my heart that followed, led me beyond my human limitations to unveil my highest purpose in this life. Now I totally got my SHIFT on! Thank you so much Tess. We brought peace to my mind for the first time!

  • Tess De Marzo

    says —

    I was in a funk for some time until happenstance connected me with Tess. I had no idea I was slowly dying inside. Tess, Thank you for waking me up. I have been doing a lot of work on my own, there was a huge gunk left deep within and you manage to flush them out when we spoke for the first time. I was crying myself to sleep after our session… I look forward to fully eroding the sludge that hampers me from finding my sweet spot in life through your guidance.

  • Susan Jacobsen

    says —

    I highly recommend Tess as a coach and guide.

    I started working with Tess to overcome hurdles in starting a new business endeavor. As an entrepreneur I have created numerous business, however, this time I found myself running into some self sabotaging walls.

    My sessions with Tess helped me through past issues that were clouding my energy and brought me to a place in my life where I am moving forward with great joy (business and personal). Tess asked the questions that made me really examine how my thoughts, emotions, and internalized past experiences were blocking my progress.

    I recommend calling Tess to schedule a preliminary free session. She is a fabulous asset!

    You are a blessing Tess!