• Pamela Woodruff

    says —

    I have had dozens of sessions with therapists that never got to the root of the issue in a way that let me deal with it and put it behind me. I had one session with Tess that dealt with an issue surrounding fears I had, and basically sabotaging myself. The track she put me on in that one session allowed me to rid myself of that fear and many others. Thank you, Tess!!!

  • Estee Levinson

    says —

    Working together with Tess provided me with a clearer path to my ultimate vision. Although I had known this for a while, I couldn’t put it all together. With Tess’ help, we were able to create a more focused perspective of the vision I had in mind, and she pushed me to actually write down my first program! I felt comfortable and at ease, as if Tess “spoke my language”. She was present, caring and attentive to my needs. I feel great and I am much more focused.

    Estee Levinson

  • Rhonda Baird

    says —

    Tess is a fantastic Life Strategist and Coach! She has consistently honed in on exactly what is underlying the challenges I present and given me effective tools to shift those into opportunities to find more fulfillment, joy and connection. Moreover, Tess’ warmth and heart come through her style of working and draw out your own insights, courage and celebration of who you are. Working with her has made me realize none of my goals or dreams are out of reach.

    Rhonda Baird, Proprietor, Sheltering Hills Design

  • Kym

    says —

    Have you ever seen that annoying dog, who won’t quit yipping at it’s tail? That was me, working harder, and trying harder, yipping, fighting, and chasing it’s tail. The thing is the dog does not even know it is chaing their own tail, and they can not just stop this maddening behavior. That’s when coaching with Tess came in. To stop, realize that my trying harder, doing more, and having more goals was not working. Tess made me realize there was something I was doing, patterns that were subconsciously getting in the way. And she helped me do things differently, a way of being which was far easier and could get more results. Working with Tess helped me breakthrough all that. Thanks Tess.

  • Natalia Tan

    says —

    I want to share my experience with Tess. She is such an amazing coach who will open your eyes on what is possible. She will create a safe space for you to say what is uncomfortable to be said. I was able to utter something that I have never told anyone before. She will push you to the edge and to go even further. She believes in you and your dreams. If you are looking for a coach who is there for you 100% then please do not hesitate to reach out to Tess. She has a heart bigger than the ocean and you know she is there for you whenever you need her. She has awaken my awesome self! Thank you Tess.

  • Kim A.

    says —

    We all need help, even when we feel we can handle all the craziness of our lives alone because we’ve done it for so long. It’s familiar and just one more thing to throw in the pot and in my mind, I thought I could handle it, no problem! But that pot reached it’s boiling point, and Tess Vergara, through her intuitive coaching style helped me see that I needed to free myself my own standard of perfection, or I’d never truly be free. She challenged me to let go of the attachment I had internally to what was “supposed to happen”, helping me realize that the same pattern I was functioning from would show up no matter how my outer circumstances changed. So it was time to change, stop the excuses and show up! But in a new way, a more authentic way, and reconnect with what was important to me and how to stand in that truth before others so I could truly honor who God created me to be and not what my surroundings where challenging me to be. She helped me put it in a step by step process to uncover that within; and I am now focused on those results. Tess, thank you so much! You are awesome.

  • Alex D

    says —

    Tess is an amazing coach and to imagine that she is just getting started! She is responsible for my stepping up big time, like I had done at UPW, to overcome my OCD. Tess didn’t have any pretensions and actually delivered greater results than expected in just one session. I look forward to reinforcing my progress with another session with her.

  • Carmel Boutchard

    says —

    Tess Vergara is a warm and compassionate coach, someone you can feel safe with. To feel supported and understood is a wonderful gift; and the experience is a little like being immersed in a warm bath (with occasional bucket of cold water thrown in!). I have felt free to express my thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment or criticism. Tess helped me foster increased self-esteem and self-respect. She has given me hope, encouraging self-care and self-compassion, instead of feeling alone, I feel connected and empowered to look towards the future. I look forward to a continuing and empowering relationship.

  • Gabriel T.

    says —

    Tess has been my first marketing coach. She gathered information about me and was patient. Then she started to pinpoint some of my limiting thinking and connected me with my purpose. It allowed me to start to see my tasks in a different way. It also allowed me to think working on my marketing with someone one on one is more efficient to implement than being in a class or a group webinar. This was eye opening. Thank you Tess.

  • Lisa Starr

    says —

    Tess is an AMAZING coach! After one coaching session with her, I now see my business in a completely different way. She asked the right questions and had the right insights at just the right time. She also helped me brainstorm in a way that I hadn’t thought of before. I hope you have the fortunate pleasure of working with Tess. It’s a game changer.