• Jonathon Powers

    says —

    I am a chef at a local brewery. I have been in a family crisis for the last 3 decades. I am no longer in such a crisis anymore.

    One of the major shifts I had since doing “Unlocking the Heart of Money” with Tess Vergara is new opportunities have opened up with my current employer. I have created more dollars in an enjoyable way. I have met someone who is nurturing a part of my soul that is the battered dreamer. Thy physical representation of the healing of my heart has been physically actualized.

    These classes you offer are potent. I plan on being in your tribe for a very long time.

    Jonathon Powers, Chef, Access Bars and KORE practitioner.

  • Cheri

    says —

    Tess was so authentic, intuitive, and truly perceptive. Although I have worked with coaches and therapists before, Tess cut through immediately to something obscure yet really revealing about my past and my hang-ups with money and relationships. Other people haven’t been able to do that, especially so quickly. I am so impressed with something so simple yet incredibly enlightening. Tess is passionate, gentle, intelligent, and very honest about her work. She has a gift of clarity.

  • Larry Vander Shaaf

    says —

    Just had one of the most productive, effective and powerful sessions with my coach, Tess Vergara. I’ve known and watched a pattern of failure in my life over and over where I would search out a solution (in this case finances) and I would pour everything into mastering that solution only to encounter an obstacle that would have me lose interest and walk away and see out another solution. Tonight, while working with Tess Vergara, she took me through a very short exercise in emotional mastery that has unlocked a HUGE SHIFT in my internal dialogue. I discovered the roots of my failure pattern, and instead of losing focus, I now know can shift focus and tear apart the obstacles that get in my way. I am now totally jazzed about my future. Thank you Tess. You rock!!!

  • Britta Hilse

    says —

    Tess is kind, open to whatever comes up, no preconceived ideas, absolutely zero, not everybody has that.

    She had the right amount of pushing and empathy but no way drawn into the story. The result: I was more connected with myself. Awake. Alive.

    Britta is a Career Transition Coach from Germany.

  • Jason White

    says —

    If you’ve never experienced coaching, it is different from conventional therapy because it is not focused on listening to you yammering to finally put a label on you. Coaching is about helping you come to realize the answers you seek more on your own via asking the right questions to get to logical and reasonable conclusions and solutions and/or just give a person that nudge or push over a wall to achieve the breakthrough that a person needs that may have been holding us back from a desire or need. That’s what Tess does for me. She has a unique way of helping find the source of the hang-ups or thinking patterns that maybe limiting your life experience. Tess’ style is unique. I highly recommend her life coaching services. Thanks Tess!!!

    Jason White, Psychic and Life Coach

  • Devorah Harow

    says —

    Tess is like the bend in the stream that guides the flow where it needs to go, helped me breakthrough, enjoy higher sense of freedom, move forward the upward spiral, and helped me be more illuminated, more enlightened, and free.

    Devorah Harow, Beit Roga Center for Healthier Living, Israel

  • Rupali Jain

    says —

    Tess is a very caring and supportive coach and mentor. She really holds my hands in this journey. She keeps me accountable, always moving me in a positive direction, and is tireless in finding new ways to engage and connect me with my goals. Through her leadership and example, I am very inspired and encouraged to see what unfolds for me as a life coach.

  • Prativa Das

    says —

    Tess is amazingly passionate, uplifting and affectionate. I am so moved and touched by her love, warmth and laughter. I benefited so much from her coaching, guidance and tremendous support. I see differently now. She helped me work on my self-doubt, subconscious blocks, limits, guilt and inner conflicts. She has helped me set boundaries, to relax and slow down so I can take better care of myself, my family and my growing business. I am reaching higher and higher goals because of her total support and commitment to my health, success and happiness. Thank you so much Tess. You have helped me so much.

  • Angela McPherson

    says —

    I have just spent nearly 2 hours with Tess Vergara through facebook chat (as skype would not connect) and with incredible grace, she was able to gently guide and coach me to find a course of action through the fears that have crippled me for years. I felt held at all times, and guided to listen to the individual aspects of my emotions. Her style, simple, yet direct, and always loving, honest and deeply caring. Thank you Tess for your beautiful heart and compassion. I look forward to sharing and showing you the fruits of my labour!

    Angela McPherson, Horbart, Tas. Australia

  • Chanuka Erdita

    says —

    I was on a big crossroads of my life. A part of me was pulling forward towards all the big dreams I have. But another part held me back. There were times when all I could do was just sit silently for an hour, lost, confused, and frustrated, while this inner conflict was happening inside me.

    I am a life coach but even as a coach, I have my own blind post, and no matter how deep I dig, I couldn’t see what’s going on. That when Tess threw a life vest at me, pulled me up, and came without judgment. She held a mirror of what’s going on inside me.

    My wife passed away from cancer in 2009 at the age of 37. This was the most difficult period of my life. And without me realizing, I developed anger and self-judgment in order to protect myself from the pain. Tess through her unique way of coaching helped me to see this. She walked with me to help put things in its place. I was able to make peace with the shattered pieces of me. We didn’t stop there. She helped me decide what I was going to do next. Did I want to stay where I was and feeling sorry for myself or did I want to finally step into the greatness God was calling me to? I stepped forward. No looking back. And this commitment lights a fire inside me.

    Tess helped me to find my own voice. I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart to be that voice that helped me cut through my own chatters to find the whisper of my true self.

    Chanuka Erdita, Life Coach

  • Tomas Svitorka

    says —

    Tess, is truly a special one. I have had the privilege to be coached by Tess for several months and it has been transformational. Her unbelievable energy and positive attitude gave my coaching experience whole new level. There wasn’t a dull moment. Tess has an incredible intuition that gives her profound coaching skills a really sharp edge! I highly recommend Tess to people that want to grow, thrive, and develop themselves or their business.

    Tomas Svitorka, Performance Coach, UK.

  • Elvisa Kovacevic

    says —

    One coaching session with Tess changed my whole perception on how I viewed a challenge at hand. Her ability to guide me to a better place in my heart is extraordinary, which gave me a chance to see things clearly and realize I was making decisions from a very weak part of myself. Tess is a total game changer, if you want to feel empowered and equipped with all things necessary to create your ideal life, than Tess is your coach.

    Elvisa K. Empowerment Coach, Breakthrough Expert.