Plan Your 2024 Radiance: Unleash The Inner Power That Turns Your Dreams Into Reality

Missed the Live Workshop??? No Worries.

Dear Soul Powered Leader,

The dawn of 2024 brings with it a profound opportunity – the chance to turn your dreams into reality, to conquer challenges, and to unleash the Radiance within you. You are invited to join us on a transformative journey with us in our upcoming workshop:

Plan Your 2024 Radiance: Unleash The Inner Power That Turns Dreams Into Reality

Your dreams, though they may seem distant, are within reach. It’s time to bring them closer, to make them a tangible reality. And we believe that the most important key to getting your wishes fulfilled in 2024 is the power inside of you. Your Soul Power.

Have you ever stopped to think about what is blocking your power? What’s Stifling Your Creativity?

If you’re feeling stuck, burnout, maybe even procrastinating, this workshop is the space to unravel the mysteries that may be hindering your energy and creative flow. It’s time to understand, overcome, and transcend the obstacles together.

Join the Force of Inspiration:

Let Plan Your 2024 Radiance be your guiding force. This isn’t just a webinar; it’s an energetic exchange, a spark that ignites your pure potential. It’s a journey where you can birth any possibility you desire.

Get set for a transformative experience! What to Expect:

  • A journey of self-discovery to unleash your untapped potential.
  • Soul Power activation to reignite your holy fire and overcome obstacles.
  • Strategies to break free from the barriers of the past and start planning the next steps to a radiant 2024.
  • Bonus worksheets to get you started with actions steps for the next 90 days.

What I need from you:

Bring your enthusiasm and a readiness to delve into deep reflections on the past year. Explore the obstacles that hindered the fulfillment of your dreams. Be prepared to take ownership and responsibility—crucial steps to unleashing your radiance in 2024. It’s time to empower your journey!

Why Attend?

Your dreams deserve more than wishful thinking. I will guide you to discover what’s holding you back so you can fully step into Soul Power and make 2024 the year you turn your dreams into reality!

How to Join:

Simple. Just click here to register and you will get immediate access the the entire workshop: Plan Your 2024 Radiance.


Tess is an exceptional person with a big heart, a generous soul, large knowledge in multiple fields! I joined her FREEDOM LEADERS 12 week course and it was just amazing. She holds space for every participant, attentive to every word, providing the needed support based on her large expertise in many subjects. Personally, Tess lead me discover a limiting belief that I was not aware of which she helped me free myself from! Thank you Tess!

~ Desiree Juzdan Ghosn, Executive Coach

Don’t miss the chance to unlock your inner radiance and make 2024 your most brilliant, most freeing year yet!

I look forward to having you join us for this empowering and transformative experience.

Much love and Soul Power,