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Soul Power To The People, with Soul Powered Executive Coach Tess Vergara, is a podcast intended to normalize conversations around Soul Power, to fully reclaim our Divinity, create success no matter what, and ultimately, return the Soul Power to the People.

Bridging themes of divine birthright and human rights, the podcast uncovers the barriers preventing us from unlocking our inner higher power. Tess converses with an eclectic array of guests to discuss how we can transcend these limitations, touching upon themes such as 

  • What currently binds our consciousness in fear, lack and victimhood
  • How intended or unintended crimes against humanity inhibit human consciousness and separate us from our Soul Power
  • How to raise our awareness and reclaim our power, individually and collectively

With so many horrendous things happening behind our backs, we are being stripped of our freedom and autonomy on so many levels — from the air we breathe, to the food we eat, to our sense of self, connection with others, and oneness with God.

Episode 1: Why Soul Power to the People

The show is founded on the premise that anything impeding the rise of human consciousness and obstructing our natural ascent to self-actualization is a serious crime. The host strongly feels that we’ve endured the dumbing down of human consciousness and a persistent sense of powerlessness for far too long, feeling tethered to darkness and low-vibrational energies. Now is the time to rise above, raise our consciousness, and return the Soul Power to the People.

Episode 72: Rising In Soul Power:
A Christmas Awakening By Tess Vergara


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Soul Powered Executive Coach Tess Vergara is an expert in enlightenment and higher self-awakening, and a Certified Master Strategy Coach, Strategic Interventionist, NLP Practitioner, Behavioral Assessment Coach and Soul Realignment Practitioner. She is the creator of Soul Powered Executive Coaching, which addresses the conflicts many executives and changemakers face between mind and heart, soul and ego.  She guides leaders and changemakers towards achieving authentic confidence and unshakeable rock solid foundation so they can fully step into Soul Powered Leadership and create the Soul-aligned legacy, contribution, health, wealth and relationships their Soul came here to fulfill, contribute and enjoy.

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