The Soul Powered Method

Soul Powered Executive Coaching heals and reconcile the inner conflicts between the mind and the heart, the soul and the ego.

Whether you’re a business owner navigating the challenges of ineffective business strategies or an executive wrestling with self-sabotage at home or in your leadership, Tess can expertly guide you to a breakthrough using her Soul Powered Method.

The Soul Powered Method is Tess’s unique approach, a culmination of her life’s experiences—a pragmatic integration of various disciplines, including Accounting, Strategic Intervention, NLP, Behavioral Assessment, Awakening Coaching, Soul Realignment, Numerology, and more. This practical approach facilitates breakthroughs, ensuring not just motivation but aligned action that supports success and wealth creation through the remembrance of your Soul Power.

Infused with Tess’ intuitive wisdom from her own awakening journey, Soul Powered Coaching integrates the practical and spiritual, left brain and right brain, masculine and feminine, human and divine. This journey is an unwavering commitment to the return to wholeness—a profound reconciliation of all aspects of the self.

The result? Ego-Soul Integration. A powerful embodiment of your true, whole, complete Self.

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It’s in this ego-soul integration that leaders discover their true power, unlocking a Soul-aligned legacy that goes beyond the ordinary.

Our natural state is wholeness, a harmonious equilibrium that naturally aligns us with our Soul Power. Success achieved by conforming to a world dominated by fear and material concerns, while abandoning our innate wholeness, may lead to an underlying sense of incompleteness. Persisting in this state can trap us in a perpetual quest, fostering scatter, brokenness, and incompleteness. This negatively undermines how we show up in our leadership, impact, relationships, and our intended legacy.

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No Parts Left Behind.

Leveraging three decades of accounting experience, Tess extends the concept of balancing ledgers beyond financial books into soul alignment. In her “no parts left behind” coaching, she specializes in the reconciliation, balance and integration of the 4 pillars to help you reconnect with your soul power.

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Soul Powered freedom and leadership only happen as a result of inner revolution…

I’m In. How Do I Get Started?

Soul Powered freedom and leadership only happen as a result of inner revolution, reconciliation and soul integration. No parts left behind. This is absolutely necessary to achieve long-term success, self actualization and Soul fulfillment especially for business owners and leaders committed to making a positive impact on the world.

Integrating The Four Pillars


Clear Your Mind

Rewire your mind and transform from a recorder of the past to a visionary map that propels you towards your desired future. Gain mental clarity, focus, and direction by challenging and shifting inherited beliefs.


Boost Your Energy

Free yourself from emotional burdens and hurts. This opens up space for curiosity, joy, and a stronger ability to trust and feel supported, creating a positive and uplifting energy radiating brightness to your life.


Create Your Reality

Physically embody your power and gifts, bridging aspiration to actualization. Reconnect with your body, empower yourself, attain self-mastery, and transform your goals and dreams into tangible reality.


Fulfill Your Destiny

Restore your spirit, unlock unique soul expression, and align with a deeper purpose. Activate ego-soul integration to unlock your soul power. Enjoy the harmony and strength feeling whole and complete at last.

Why choose to work with Tess?

Unique Expertise: Whether it’s goal-setting, practical interventions, energy healing, or consciousness shifts, you’ll witness results beyond the reach of conventional business coaching. By choosing Tess, you align with someone who truly understands you, recognizes your unique soul qualities, appreciates your drive to succeed, and brings it all together to ensure you achieve your desired outcome.

Practical Spirituality: The key reason to work with Tess is her very grounded and practical approach to spirituality that feels natural and makes sense. Something in her style will just click! sparking motivation to take massive action, set ambitious goals, and follow through. It just feels right and freeing. Your energy opens up resulting to massive change.

Tailored Transformation: Tailored Transformation: No one-size-fits-all here. Get personalized strategies meeting your unique needs, emphasizing strengths, and addressing specific challenges. If you’re unsure about the transformation you seek, Tess utilizes a diverse toolbox across dimensions to clear obstacles hindering your authentic leadership journey.

Personal Transformation: Conquer adversity, burnout, and depression while drawing inspiration from Tess’s resilience. Her journey stands as a testament to an unwavering commitment to self-empowerment and personal growth. Also, gain value from her unique experience in handling crises and life’s hurdles, overcoming burnout and depression without resorting to alcohol and pharmaceuticals.

Financial Mastery: Tap intoTess’ 30 years of financial background coupled with her fine-tuned ability to clear energy blocks that hinder abundance. Shift your money mindset, advance your career, optimize your business. and improve your finances.

Soul-Power: Attain the empowerment and strength needed to pursue success, fulfillment, and balance across all aspects of your life using the “no parts left behind” philosophy. Receive comprehensive guidance to identify and align with your soul’s purpose, returning to unconditional self-love and wholeness.

Support and Guidance: Experience continuous loving support and guidance throughout your journey of personal and professional transformation. Even when you may doubt yourself, Tess believes in you and she will not give up on your vision. Her unwavering commitment creates tremendous shifts, ensuring your path to success is accompanied by unwavering belief and support.

Sacred Space: Enjoy a safe and nonjudgmental space to explore your authentic self, express your truth, and transcend challenges. With Tess, you will always feel seen, heard, understood, and deeply supported throughout your transformative journey.

Continuous Growth and Learning: You will discover new insights about yourself as Tess openly shares her latest joys and discoveries, pushing the boundaries for more freedom, self-expression and independence. You can expect inspiration to not settle for less and take charge of life, ensuring it doesn’t just run you or run you by. This continuous plan and exploration of “life is happening as me” will empower you to embrace life’s infinite possibilities.

Real Tangible Results: You will witness actual changes in your life, career, and business through the Soul Powered Method. As long as you are ready to take action, be held accountable, and shift into higher perspective, you will become unstoppable.

Ready to return to wholeness?

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