Private 1:1 Executive Coaching

Listed below are distinct coaching programs where you meet with Tess 1:1 privately. Each program is designed to address specific aspects of your journey from discovery to empowerment to integration to embodiment to achieve your goals and unlock your full potential in a way that feels good and right to your soul.

Coaching Programs


Ignite Your Authentic
Leadership Style

Half Day or Full Day

The IGNITE Leader VIP Day is rooted in Behavioral and Motivational Assessments allowing you to understand YOU better. It’s the perfect start towards your leadership development.


Achieve Your Goals,
Unleash Success

3 Months

The UNLEASH Leader 3 month program is your pathway to success. Rooted in Accountability, Responsibility and Ownership it empowers you to take charge of your life and align your actions to achieve your goals and desires.


Unlock and Integrate Your
Whole Power

6 Months

INTEGRATE Leader Program is designed to ignite mindset shifts, achieve mastery for healing and breakthroughs. Dissolve the blocks to your power, unlock your full potential for authentic, impactful, and soul powered leadership. Experience and achieve the unwavering inner certainty that uplevels your leadership.


Accelerate Your Leadership
Growth and Potential

10 Months

In ACCELERATE Leader Program, you experience a harmonious integration of your authentic self, unlocking unparallelled leadership skills. Lead with your unique gifts and talents, contributing authentically to the world. Align your inner and outer worlds. The ultimate in leadership and life fulfillment.

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In determining whether to choose a conventional business coach or a Soul Powered Business Coach, a crucial question to ask yourself is:

Am I seeking merely external strategies and skills enhancement, or do I desire a coaching experience that integrates my authentic self, aligning my inner values with my leadership journey?

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