To what extent are you controlled by powerful people?

This was a question that grabbed my attention as I was wandering the rooms in Clubhouse, a new social networking app that I was checking out.

From a Soul Powered Perspective, of course I screamed in my mind, No!

No one has power and control over me. And that may not be true all the time, but with awareness, I can make corrections and adjustments and wherever I find myself out of alignment, I can allow for healing and higher awareness.

At least that’s my starting point.

I heard others say, that yes, powerful people do have control over their life, let’s say what cable show to watch, or their paycheck, the price of gas, what food are available to buy. All these affect their decisions. Hence, yes, powerful people do have control over people’s lives.

I suppose that’s true. Depending on one’s level of awareness and consciousness. At some point, I too believed I was powerless to change my life. Hence it led me to depression and dark night of the soul which only made me feel more powerless and out of control.

How about you?

How do you feel about the question?

Do you feel controlled by powerful people?

It is true that people capitulate and knowingly, or unknowingly, give their power away.


It is happening now. The fact that my social media posts limits how many people see my posts that mention the plandemic and the horrifying adverse reactions to the vaccines including my own mother’s death are taken down by  big tech is a good example of control and power over.

Do I feel controlled by Big Tech?

Only if I buy into believing I have no other option but to comply! They can “try” to censor me and they can delete my posts on their platform, but they do not control what I do unless I give in, give up and stop speaking my truth.

I don’t believe we can be controlled unless we give others permission to control us.

I don’t believe they have control over me unless I simply shut up and allow them to think for me.

I believe once we raise our consciousness and transcend fear, trauma and codependency, we can access solutions, resources and limitlessness of our innate and infinite potentialities.

From this transcendent place which energetically is a vibrationally different world, it is quite an amazing place to observe things that are happening in the fear-powered matrix called 3D where fear-powered control is happening.

And I believe there are many of us now who are awakened and who can see beyond the illusion of control, tyranny and malfeasance. Those who are awake and in the know can now respond from higher consciousness, from Soul Power, no longer controlled and are taking back control of their life.

I believe we are free beings, that not even God can control us. We have free will.

However, we have been denied that free will for a long time. We were told to just do as told. And not to question authorities. We were indoctrinated to just obey certain societal norms and religious, governmental, economic, social, and other constructs.

We have been programmed since day 1 to simply follow rules and be compliant. From 0-7, there are observations, beliefs and conditioning that we believed were true and good for us but has distorted our true self, distorted our self perception and concept, our self worth…

Just like baby elephants trained by tying one of their front legs to a stake in the ground. They never knew their strength and power. They acquiesced because as a baby, their limited space was all they knew. Even as an adult elephant, they still think the rope is stronger, so they never try to break free.

I talk more about breaking out of this elephant rope mentality on this Soul Powered training: Holy Fire! A New Kind of Leadership.

Watch Holy Fire! A New Kind of Leadership HERE.

Just like the baby elephants were trained to give up their power and control, same is true for humans. We were conditioned in lack, limitation and not enoughness. And of course we believed it!

We had no idea how much powerful we are. And that we are the creators of our reality. We were never taught to function from our strength, wholeness and power.

People were asleep, but not anymore, many are waking up and taking back their mind, taking back their voice, taking back their SOUL, taking back their power

Photo by Farzad Sedaghat from Pexels

People are changing from the inside out.

And we are now seeing the just how limited we believed humans are. And many are awakening from the lies, from the manipulations, from the conditioning and realizing that wait a minute,  we are more than this conditioned false self, we are greater than this.

We are greater than our beliefs and our potentialities and possibilities are limitless if we break free from the invisible rope that is holding us back and step into our Soul Power.

So in closing, yes, people can be controlled. Why?

1/ because they haven’t yet met their True Self, their Soul Power,

2/ there are crimes against humanity that is intentionally or unintentionally dumbing down human consciousness

3/ peer pressure and group think, just look at what cancel culture has done!

4/ fear of losing that love and acceptance and validation so we please people rather than flexing your power.

There’s been deception and manipulation since the Romans to make humans separate from Soul, from their divinity.

The old hierarchical structures aka 3D matrix are collapsing. It’s palpable. The uprising of the Souls.

This is a crucial moment for Soul Powered Leaders deeply called to step up and step out of that old 3D fear-powered world, and create something new, something wonderful, something different.

Our leaders have deeply betrayed us.

We can no longer just stand on the sidelines and watch people die and suffer.

We can no longer be spectators of our own destruction.

And the answer to no longer be controlled by powerful people who is using fear to manipulate human kind is us, Soul Powered Leaders stepping up into leadership from the level of Soul.

I hope you say yes to the calling of your Soul.

Thoughts? Share your story if you feel others have control over you and your life.

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