What is Holiness?

“To be saints is not a privilege for the few, but a vocation for everyone.” -Pope Francis

Do you agree? I do.

Despite a great deal of my life spent in Catholic education, from kindergarten to university, I often found myself wandering in a cloud of confusion, feeling like I didn’t quite fit in or understand my purpose.

If we are called to be the Salt of the Earth, the Light of the World… if we are the temple of the Holy Spirit… if God is love… if I am an image and likeness of God, then why…? and what about…? then how come…? So many questions unanswered until…

I spent a significant portion of my life avoiding people, retreating to a world of self-reliance and self-sufficiency where I could be safe from the harsh reality of a punitive world. Finally, clarity emerged from a dark night of the soul, a cosmic 2×4, a gift born from gut-wrenching experiences.

Now, with the wisdom gained from each lesson, I can look back with relief, peace, and gratitude. Life is now embraced with excitement, enthusiasm, and joy, thanks to the lessons that taught me to let go of resistance and surrender to a larger heart opening and mind expansion… towards enlightenment, wholeness and fullness.

And with the Pope seemingly validating my insights, experiences, and realizations, boy was I bolder in my exploration. This is not a coincidence; the world is awakening more each day.

Are you worthy to enter the gates of heaven?

“To be saints is not a privilege for the few”. This is a call for you and me. And please don’t wait for your own cosmic 2×4. You can answer this vocation NOW.

And yes to be saints would require holiness, won’t it?

So what does holiness mean? What does it mean to be the face of God, His image and likeness, the temple of the Holy Spirit?

Holiness means wholeness. Holiness means you were never broken or damaged. You were never a mistake, or a failure. 

Holiness means being all of who you are – the complete package – no parts left behind – the whole deal. The good, the bad, the ugly.

Holiness means re-member-ing all parts of you, reclaiming every inch of our being especially the ones we disown, deny or left behind as we tried to fit in in this world.

The word Sin, on the other hand, means to miss the mark. The sin is in thinking and believing you were unworthy and undeserving and unforgivable. The sin is in thinking you were separate from God and creation itself.

“Be whole as your Father in heaven is whole.” You already are whole, perfect and complete.

And it doesn’t take a miracle to holy because you are the miracle. All you need is your permission to say yes to you and be willing to open your heart and mind to what your spirit has been calling and guiding you to.

Consciousness is rising. Holiness is no longer for the privileged few… It is for you and me. Truly.  Isn’t that amazing???

If today you hear God’s call, harden not your heart.

Did it resonate? Are you ready to reclaim your wholeness? If you are ready to break free from shame, guilt and unforgiveness that keep you feeling broken, fragmented and separate from God, I am here to fully support you return to wholeness. Feel free to email me at tess@tessvergara.com and mention that you read this article and would love a “Return to Wholeness”  Strategy Call.