You have the right to say NO!

It doesn’t mean you’re rude, disrespectful, or “I hate you”, it just means “I honor myself so I can honor you with an honest NO”.

We’ve heard so many NO’s in our lifetime that it can feel like a rejection or a superiority thing… Receiving a flat no in the past was hurtful… it felt mean… we missed out on something that had meant a lot to us at that moment.

But if you allow the past to decide for you, you might end up hurting yourself, agreeing to something you had reservations to, and also not honoring yourself.

An experience shared by my client, while they were in an exotic part of the world, doing an exclusive retreat, there was this person following her friend around.

Her friend ended up making up a ton of excuses to avoid seeing the other person. So she hardly participated in the group just because she did not want to hurt his feelings.

Can you imagine? She invested money on this retreat only to end up missing out on a ton of activities.

Can you relate?

And if you are a leader and changemaker with a huge calling to create a difference in the world, what are you missing out on when you keep saying yes to other people’s agenda and ending up saying NO to things that matter to you?

And then you wonder why you are exhausted and burnt out… coz you make yourself last and put them first. You run out of time, focus and energy for things that truly matters to you.

Make it a part of your SELF LOVE to own your right to say no.

If you are uncomfortable saying NO, I invite you to book a session with me to look underneath the need reassure others and make them comfortable at your own expense.

Being unable to truthfully and congruently say NO is not only unfair to you, it is also unfair to the other person.

It creates an energy of distrust in the relationship whether it’s business or personal.

And sadly, you still end up hurting yourself and the other person even though that was the very thing you wanted to avoid the most.

Book a LEARN TO SAY NO deep dive session with me. Only $97 USD

You get to learn to say no from your SOUL POWER which means, you get to say your truth powerfully and authentically. And they get to hear you deeply, and feel your heart and soul, and respect you even more because they treasure and appreciate your truth and honesty.

Doing it alone when coming from a triggered place or unresolved past can lead to miscommunication and strained relationships.

By working with me, we get to the root of the matter and you will come away with strategies to stand firm in your NO in a way that will be received as, and with, the highest form of love, not rejection or betrayal, for you, for your loved ones, and your peers and colleagues.

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