Come out, Come out and Play!

I recently attended Dr. Minette Riordan’s Creative Entrepreneur’s Path to Profit Summit and was blown away by the whole experience.

See, I have been getting a lot of nudges and new awareness that I just might be a creative entrepreneur. Could it be true? I honestly couldn’t see it. So when i heard of Minette’s 3-day event, and since I am here in L.A., I quickly took the opportunity and signed up.

Right after signing up, I was sent an assessment that sure enough confirmed that indeed,  I am a creative. Sure, I can sing and dance, and both my daughters are talented artists, but me? I was intrigued, doubtful, but also resigned. After all this was not the first assessment that said so.

I attended the event with no expectations but with an open heart and mind. The minute I walked in the room where Path to Profit Summit was, I was immediately at home. It was like a family reunion with my tribe from Thrive Academy AND then…

My inner child leaped out in joy when I saw the colorful art supplies and workbook on the table, plus a goody bag filled with sketch book, crayons, inspirational cards, nuts and chocolates JUST FOR ME.

Oh my. My very own sketch book! I don’t remember ever having one.

Money was tight growing up so I was not allowed to doodle, color or waste paper. I got the fear of waste and lack imprinted on me and I carried this limiting belief until I had kids of my own. I worked 2 jobs as sole provider and encourage my kids to be pursue art, among others.

Looking at the supplies, I immediately felt uncomfortable at the thought of wasting them which was funny, really. After years in personal and spiritual development training, I realized I never gave myself the same permission and encouragement that I gave to my kids.

I shared this insight with Minette and she assured me not to worry about wasting anything, and that I can have as much supplies as I needed. I was soon overcome by giddiness. I was a kid all over again. I let go of any trepidation until the big sheet of paper came.

It was a huge piece of paper. I had no idea where to start. I was thoroughly amused with myself. I felt like an eager child, but clueless. What if I messed up? What if my work turned awful? I laughed it off and stayed connected with my child’s uninhibited joy and freedom to create.

On Day 2 I started getting nit-picky. I asked for a new big sheet. Then again. And again. We all laughed about it and enjoyed a playful banter. In a room full of heart-centered entrepreneurs, I felt safe. And seen. I loved it. It was pure fun and play.

But it wasn’t lost on me that maybe I was getting a bit too uptight. Was perfectionism, or feeling not good enough, derailing me? Hmmm… I dismissed both because as I stared at my work, something was missing. It was supposed to be my business mandala… but I felt bleh.

Yup. BLEH. And no, it wasn’t judgment or lack of appreciation for my work. If anything, it was a knowing that I could do better. If my business mandala was to inspire me to take action, then it has to speak to me, move me, ignite me… NOT feel bleh.

I kept at it until I felt the confidence of the artist in me, until I felt connected to her creative energy, this creative source deeply hidden in me. Finally, after 5th try, my business mandala came to life – a true reflection of me and my business. And I am so proud of my creation.

Ever since my trip to Europe, Hawaii, and now L.A., my life has gone to a whole new dimension that is wildly rewarding and exciting, yet with lots of uncertainty. Everyday was a balancing act between a test of will power and faith. I call it surrendered flow.

And after 9 months of this wild roller-coaster ride, learning and embodying one lesson after another, I came to a beautiful conclusion that I was so blessed to experience at this creative summit.

This was beautifully summarized in Oprah and Deepak’s recently concluded 21-day meditation:


That’s what we did for 3 full days. For me it was a wildly unprecedented and much needed pattern interrupt. Do you know how exciting it is realize that the usual voice that said “you are wasting time” or “stop fooling around” was gone? Yes. That voice. Gone!

This creative business summit really helped me focus, not just on my business, but in bringing back and embodying my never before tapped in creativity and unabashed joyfulness. A concept not new to my kids and their generation, but definitely new to me! Experientially. So fun.

So here’s my question for you –

Is there an aspect of you that needs waking up or remembering? Sometimes, out of need or survival, we become conditioned and attached to a certain type of identity when in fact there’s so much more untapped potential in each and everyone of us.

What’s preventing you from fully discovering and expressing all of who you are?

What fixed beliefs are limiting the greatness that you are?

You are already whole, perfect and complete. You just need to peel away layers of old beliefs and let go of any attachment to what you might be thinking is your identity. You are much, much more, more creative, more powerful, than you think you are.

My hope is that we all learn to relax the resistance to our greatness, and simply give in to the creativity and brilliance wanting to emerge as our creator selves.

If you need support on this, I am here for you. Email me at tess@tessvergara.com

To freedom! To Express… Create… Expand.. to the greatness inside all of us.

5 thoughts on “Come out, Come out and Play!”

  1. Yes! My inner child and love of the creative is so pulled by this article. “Me too! Me too!” it’s screaming. Share the secret! Since the building of my business facility I am so looking for that high in creativity in other areas. I’d love an idea crashing party where we throw out different ideas on how to keep ourselves at our creative high. High energy is borne from it, I find. You’ve definitely got me to thinking…

    • This is great! And you have the space for it. I would totally join you if only you were closer. It was so much fun and at a speaker workshop where I was just at, we also did a collage and I went overboard and overdecorated to compensate for all the years I wasn’t doing art. It turned out so cool. I love it!!!
      Keep playing, Devorah!!! I will, too.

  2. Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you penning this
    article plus the rest of the site is really good.

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