12 Days of Christmas Video 5

For most of my clients, ALLOWING, although a pretty simple concept, is really hard. Sometimes the experience was just too painful to deal with. And the natural tendency is to numb, shut down, get distracted, anything, just not to feel the pain.

To resist/ignore/shut down the experience and not allow the emotions to be fully felt creates an imbalance in the inflow and outflow of energy. The energy gets trapped in the body and manifests as physical and mental dis-ease or as relationship and abundance blocks.

When the energy is allowed to flow in and out with ease, you get what you want, opportunities keep showing up. There might be challenges but you easily find solutions. You enjoy a wonderful and great life: a healthy body, bank account and relationships!

And you are happy! As are the people around you. Because you radiate love, light and joy to the environment!

Now.. for today’s video, the word is WELCOMING.

Even tho I have come to terms with a lot of things in my life and at peace with the past, some things are still not where I would like them to be. And today’s word, WELCOMING, totally shifts my whole life, my whole world, to a whole new trajectory.

This is a huge lightbulb moment. Ah-mazing to unlock a piece of me that was tucked away from my reality. And I can’t tell you just how excited I am to take my life to the next level with this shift!

And now I invite you to play with the word WELCOMING and just get curious… wherever you may have felt not wanted, not needed, not spontaneous, not important, not funny enough… whatever it was you were convinced to think you were not….

Just check in. Simply observe… allow it to come forth… without judging, analyzing or defending.

What might have you turned off because you were a “nuisance” or “too much” or “too loud” or too ______? (Fill in the blank). What had you hold back from fully participating and showing up in life because you believed you were _______?

Would you now welcome that part of you back?

And say with me, I AM WELCOME HERE. All of me.