12 Days of Christmas Video 6


What choices, conscious or unconscious, are running your life?

I chose to raise my kids solo and break free from generational cycle of domestic violence. I chose not to live in fear after my ex-husband attempted to kidnap my kids. I also chose to break free from depression when I lost my sense of purpose and contribution.

And after yesterday’s breakthrough, I choose to cultivate enriching and deeply fulfilling relationships and to always align with the vibration of peace, love and joy.

This was not always the case. There was a time that when I felt unsafe, my whole body would shake, my throat would hurt and close up, and my voice would shake that I’d just cry in frustration. Then I would kick myself later for not expressing how I truly felt.

It would happen again and again and again. I would bottle it all up until I get fed up and lash out in anger. Which would make me kick myself all over again because I was perpetuating the very thing I said I wouldn’t tolerate and participate in: fear and terror.

That’s when I altered my choices.

I made a conscious decision to focus all my attention and energy to take back my power, strength, voice, well-being, my truth, and peace of mind, and create a new reality based on what I’d rather experience which are love, joy, abundance and oneness.

So what is your choice?

Regardless of the situation you are in, please know that you have the power of choice.

  • You get to choose what to believe in.
  • You get to choose what you want to experience.
  • You get to choose what reality to create.
  • You get to choose where to spend your precious time, energy and resources.

No matter what, no matter what, no matter what, you always have a choice.

And should you choose to, you can try on my favorite empowering and life-affirming beliefs that changed my life, and watch what happens.

I am safe.

All is well.

All I need is within me now.

I am whole, perfect and complete.

I am welcome here.