Big Happy Life with guest, Tess Vergara

Big Happy LIfe Podcast

Ep 94. Selfish, Selfless or Spiritual – with Tess Vergara

“Joy is not something you quest for. It is something you allow. It is in your nature.” – Tess Vergara

My guest today is Tess Vergara, a Soul Powered Executive Coach who addresses the conflicts many executives face between mind and heart, soul and ego so they can be more productive, creative, abundant and successful.

In this episode, Tess helps explore the idea that fulfillment and joy require us to accept all parts of ourselves – including the parts we’ve been taught were “bad”.

If you’ve every worried about being “selfish” or thought any part of you was “bad” or somehow “not good enough”, this episode could help bring you greater acceptance and open you up to a life that feels more joyful and fulfilling.

At the end of the episode, Tess also talks about the freebie she has on offer at the moment. You can find all the links you need to connect with Tess and download the freebie on the show notes page at bighappylife.co.uk



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