Beyond Grief, Reclaim Your Spirit

Beyond Grief

Within you there is pure spirit waiting to be revealed, that was tucked away and blocked by grief, guilt and shame of moving forward after death of a loved one.

Your Spirit dwells within your heart waiting for you to relinquish all of your past hurts to be born anew.

But sadly, the grief was so overwhelming that you have separated from your spirit. You’ve forgotten how to connect with your true essence and beingnes.

Grief creates false truth

Tremendous GRIEF and sorrow create incorrect beliefs that limits or distorts how you experience yourself. For example, when you believe that your loved one left and passed on to to abandon you, or that God took them away to punish you, because you were not good enough, or unworthy of love, you will experience struggles that not only confirms these false beliefs, your false beliefs creates your experiences, creating an illusion that you are indeed punished or unworthy.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

But to discover the truth for yourself, you first have to relinquish GRIEF to activate the breakthrough necessary to break out of illusion grief created in your life, and reclaim your spirit.

When you relinquish and move beyond GRIEF, you will:

  • Heal the emotional trauma from the loss that is keeping you from experiencing joy pleasure in life
  • Repair your relationships with yourself and others so that you can feel loved, celebrated, and supported
  • Clear away the energies of being hurt again that are stored within your subconscious so you can feel aliveness and bliss
  • Let go of the limiting beliefs and preconceived ideas about yourself and embody the Divine Consciousness you truly are
  • Open up and invite more love you never thought was possible
  • Return to your natural state of joy, love and abundance


My Personal Story of AWAKENING

I experienced the loss of my father at age 23. I always wondered why I did not take it to heart. I always wondered what it was about me that felt indifferent, untouchable, and unaffected. I suspected I was in deep denial and avoidance pattern. This denial and avoidance were mechanisms installed earlier on in life as a way to cope and protect myself from feeling the rejection and betrayal of abandonment.

It was only in recent years did I realize that this DEEP SEATED FEAR OF ABANDONMENT that created walls of belief structures that had me separate from my own feelings and kept me from deeply connecting with life and relationships.

In other words, my heart, unbeknownst to me was impenetrable. I was guarded. Hard as stone.

That’s why my business is called Open Heart Mind Coaching. I had no idea I had so many walls. I had no idea I did not have it in me to really feel the loss of my father. I had no idea I had layers upon layers of masks and protective mechanisms that kept me in confusing depression and lack of deep satisfaction…

It didn’t matter what I accomplished and achieved in life, I felt empty, nothing but a shell, I had nothing inside, nothing to offer. I had to unlayer and unlearn and dismantle layers and layers of untruths and distortions that were blocking me from fully realizing and expressing the joy and love that I AM.

Subconsciously I was programmed and conditioned to believe things like:

  • Nobody loves me.
  • I cannot trust anybody.
  • Secretly, I thought God abandoned me after sending here, deaf to my plea to take me back, left me all alone to fend for myself.
  • Nobody cares. I might as well be dead.
  • I’m a nuisance.
  • I am empty. I have nothing left to offer. I got nothing to show for.

When we have distorted beliefs like these, we then attract people, places and events that create experiences validating those false beliefs as truth.

I had no idea I felt so unloved, neglected and abandoned inside that on a subconscious level, all I did was driven by a need to prove I was lovable and worthy.

Except when I operate from the energy of proving, it really means, deep inside I bought into the false belief that I was unloved and unlovable therefore deserving of betrayal and abandonment.

I must not be worthy of love if people did not care.

I must not be worth sticking around if my own father couldn’t find the will and strength to take care of his health so he can stick around for his wife and children and future grandchildren.

I must not be worth fighting for.

It makes sense that I had to put up walls and defense mechanisms to deny and suppress the deep seated fear of abandonment. And when my father died, I had already been numb, and had numbed myself even further. Because numbing was the only way I knew how to survive.

Finally, years later, when I had a meltdown, I burnt out from proving I was strong and independent, convinced I was much better off alone and didn’t need anyone or anything, I saw through the lie.

The truth was… I was so numbed and closed up that no one could show up to love and support me because I was repelling love out of fear of getting to close.

And, I was so shut down and depleted and so disconnected from my Spirit, I was hanging by a thread, as if life force energy itself could be snuffed out of me.

And yet today, I am living life free, deeply connected, and took me a while, but i live moment to moment with an open heart open mind soulful and joyful life.

I get to do what I love, with people I love, while embracing and experiencing the fullness and wholeness and ever expanding expression of my Unique Authentic Self!

And what’s great is I get to teach others to open their heart and mind, reclaim their spirit, and fulfill their soul’s calling.


4 Speakers, 1 Workshop

I am so excited to partner up with Mel and Catherine Lleras of 460s Journal, and Su-Yoon Ko of Decluttering Key, and offer this full day workshop to help people move beyond grief.

BEYOND GRIEF WORKSHOP is designed to guide you

  • Heal your wounds of loss and separation
  • Release the layers of negative past experiences that blocks your true light and spirit to shine forth
  • Replace old habits, limitations and perspectives with patterns and habits aligned in love, joy and harmony
  • Discover your capacity and deep seated desire to express and experience your true nature, which is joy and abundance
  • Fall in love with life and aliveness
  • Create new empowering vision
  • Regain the unwavering strength to stand in your true power
  • Clear energies and patterns from your body and environment

Move from blocking life to embracing aliveness.

Once you embrace and transform grief, you can begin to collect the shattered pieces of our heart and become whole again. From that place of wholeness, you can now open the sacred vaults of your heart and make room for joy and pleasure that grief and sadness once stole from you.

Grief was not meant to be permanent. Nor was it meant to enslave you.

The real you is not meant to be distorted or damaged by past hurt, abandonment or fear.

You hold inside of you the key to awaken joy and pleasure! Joy is your birthright and your true essence.  Will you give yourself permission to let go of grief and remember who you truly are?

You get to awaken the powerful spirit that you are to experience inner peace and joy no matter what life presents.

Isn’t it time to open up to love and life experience your soul was meant to live?

When you allow yourself to awaken your joyful spirit, you are free in mind, body and soul.  You are not subject to any fearful limitations, fall victim to circumstances, nor affected by anyone or anything. You raise your level of vibration and open your heart and mind to life experiences that feel pure, expanded and constantly flowing and giving. That is your authentic spirit unbounded, in flow and free, powerfully coming into fullness in your beingness. A fullness that is your true nature and can no longer be denied. A fullness that fills you up when you move beyond grief to a life that is playful, peaceful and authentically you.

Give yourself full permission to move beyond grief and fully awaken all that you are, body, mind, spirit.