Episode 1: Welcome To Soul Power To The People Podcast with Tess Vergara



Welcome to the very first episode of Soul Power To The People Podcast with Tess Vergara.

If we are divine beings made in the image and likeness of God, then why then is it such a challenge to step into our SOUL POWER? 

In Executive Coach Tess Vergara’s premiere episode of SOUL POWER TO THE PEOPLE, she discusses what is holding us back as a society, and calls upon listeners to open their hearts and minds to change. Tess highlights the concept of Crimes Against Humanity and how these acts take away our power and block our evolution as Light beings, inviting you to leave behind a world motivated by fear, and awaken to your true power and human potential.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The importance of bringing light to Crimes Against Humanity
  • What it means to be Soul Powered, and Tess’s intentions for the podcast
  • Why we feel so trapped in fear, lack, control, manipulation, and victimhood
  • 4 Pillars that need to be integrated in order to feel whole
  • Topics that will be covered on Soul Power To The People, and why these conversations are so crucial
  • How regaining awareness can help you take back your Soul Power 

Soul Power To The People, with Soul Powered Executive Coach Tess Vergara, is a podcast intended to raise awareness on ‘crimes against humanity’ and inform us on how to rise above it so we can reclaim our Soul Power, and ultimately, what it truly means to claim our Divinity.





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