Evolve From Self Doubt

I hear ya. SELF DOUBT is real… a real thief in the night and destroyer of dreams.

I blame self doubt for spiraling me into depression and burnout.

And I thank it too, for awakening me from a numb, lifeless, zombie-like existence, and just going through the motions.. to now knowing there’s so much more to me than meets the eye.

If you’ve done any soul searching, you probably know what I am talking about.

We can no longer be spectators of our own destruction. ~ Tess Vergara


You didn’t arrive on earth to become hostage of self doubt. There is a new life calling you forward. You know it. You feel it. And you can no longer deny it. 

If you know in your SOUL that you want to serve at your highest level, create a huge impact, and make a difference in the world, but self doubt and insecurities keep getting in the way, then I want to support you Step into Soul Powered Leadership

Wait, what? What is Soul Powered Leadership?

SoulPowered is that deep inner knowing and connection with what you know is true at the depths of your being where fear, inner conflict and self doubt are a thing of the past.

Here’s a quick video to help you distinguish between SOULPOWERED vs FEAR-POWERED

And if you feel that same urgency that the world can no longer wait, then join me for a free SoulPowered training class:

What: Free SoulPowered Training: Wake up from Self Doubt and Step into Soul Powered Leadership

When: February 12, 2020 4pm Pacific, 6 pm Central, 7 pm Eastern

Where: https://event.webinarjam.com/register/87398in

Invest just an hour with me and you will discover:

  • The reason you doubt yourself
  • What to do when you start to doubt your own abilities
  • The cycle of self doubt that gets you stuck and why it has you guaranteed to fall way short of your true ability
  • How to create trust, certainty and confidence in yourself and evolve past self doubt
  • And more

When you sign up this week, you will receive a special bonus SoulPowered Activation Session to Evolve Beyond Self Doubt

Tess’s coaching taps right into your soul, and aims right for a deep self awareness and awakening. Working with her helped me get right into alignment on my energy and clarity for where I want to take my business and my life. A refreshing high level approach to lighting your fire.
~ Rachel Loeslie

You are needed out there. You, me, us… We’ve got important work to do in this dysfunctional world we live in. We all gotta step it into it and step up BIG… And fast. And I will be with you every step of the way.

Here’s the link again to register here for this FREE SoulPowered Leadership Training:


Wake up from Self Doubt and Step into Soul Powered Leadership