Gratitude, Sparkle and Magic

Hey Soul Powered Leaders! As Thanksgiving week unfolds, my heart is bursting with joy and gratitude, and I couldn’t help but share just a few magical highlights with you:

Website Magic Unleashed!

OMG, have you seen the fresh look of our website? It’s absolutely divine!!! Sure, there are a few more tweaks in the oven, but have you seen the magical transformation? Huge shoutout to my web designer, Jon Barratt—thanks a million for making my little corner online sparkle! (Fun fact: SPARKLE is my word for 2023).

Rise and Thrive!

Gratitude fills my heart for my second year as SBA Thrive’s Business Coach for Minnesota. Being part of in-person CEO discussions with these incredible small business owners, leaders and CEOs is an honor. Can’t wait for their capstone presentation next month. Being your coach is always a highlight of my year. Check out the SBA Thrive program here. Thrive, my friends, THRIVE!

Twin Cities, Minnesota Cohort, Rise and Thrive

Radiant Women in Business: Awaken Your Soul Power

Exciting news — I’ve joined forces with the amazing folks at Forum as a peer support group facilitator. Leading a group for success-driven career women seeking confidence, balance, and empowerment. If that sounds like your cup of tea, or you know someone who’d benefit, join me in this fabulous confidence-building program: Radiant Women in Business: Awaken Your Soul Power.

Season 3 Podcast Premiered on 11/11

Oh, the magic of numbers! Season 3 of “Soul Power to the People” took off on 11/11—yes, that mystical, angelic number. While past seasons focused on raising awareness of crimes against humanity, this season is all about normalizing conversations around SOUL POWER. We’re diving deep into how business owners and CEOs faced challenges during the 2020 lockdown and how they’re creating success no matter what.

Rich Witch Julie Nelson: Embrace Your Magic

A big shoutout to the enchanting Julie Nelson for kicking off Season 3 with a bang! Her business is all about unraveling the secrets to your magical success. From fragrance to stars, she’s got the lowdown on rising unapologetically and embracing your true self.

There’s so much more to celebrate, but let’s leave it here. Here’s the bottom line — you too can Embrace Your Magic. In an unsual move, I’ve got a special Black Friday offer. Make sure to head to one of my social media accounts on Friday to grab the discounted offer. With this offer, we tap into those things we were kind of forbidden to learn, the so-called woo-woo. We will utilize the power of not one but three personalized reports to reveal your unique energies that shape your life path. Skeptic or not, give it a shot!

This Thanksgiving, I am mostly grateful to you. For stepping into soul powered leadership, embracing your unique soul powered sparkle and magic. Together, we return the Soul Power to the People.