Hello 2023

Happy New Year!!!

We had a wonderful NY eve and NY day celebration. Lots of fun, joy, love and laughter! Hope you had a great start to a great year, too.

On day 2, I spent a good part of the day in my newly reorganized office ((loving it!!!) to plan out new projects and action steps related to creating my desired income for the month. I’m taking it one month at a time tuning in intuitively and integrating what I’ve been personally experiencing about laws of manifestation.

Did you know that only 20% of income is about physical, linear and action? Yes, it’s only 20% yet many don’t take action believing the universe will catch them. Or, many push way too hard thinking hard work is the formula. If you want to uplevel your income, you gotta take NEW action. Then, the 80% of the how you create financial abundance is entirely up to you. That’s where play and adventure is… which is terrifying to those who resist change. This 80% is where a lot of people get stuck diminishing their own magnificence and potentialities without even knowing it.

The call to step into the experience and expression of you as a creator being could be where you need guidance and support this year.

If you are working harder and still not getting the results you want, maybe it’s time to look at misalignments. And I can help you with that.

Misalignments can happen at the level of thoughts, actions, behavior, conflicts in values, what in your environment or relationships you’re tolerating, or unmet/suppressed Soul desires and Higher Self expressions you may be denying and are deaf to because of lack mentality and survival patterns.

Remember: we were not taught to function from wholeness. It’s time that we do.

It’s funny coz I’ve learned and grown so much since my Accounting days.

The traditional ways of doing income is no longer working. And there’s a lot of suffering and misalignment in the process. And this can create disempowerment. And separates us from what we are here to experience and create and enjoy.

Know Thyself!

Step into Soul Power.

Merge your human and divine aspects.

This is how we create abundance despite the tyrannical, suppressive world we are witnessing and maybe even unconsciously subscribed to.

You can break free of what no longer works and what is not in alignment with your true authentic nature (abundance, growth, freedom and unconditional love)

Can I help you jumpstart 2023 to align with your magnificent Soul Powered Self? Times are confusing and also feels deeply conflicted. Make sure you have someone who guides you not just from practical and logical sense, but also from an integrated Soul Powered approach to creating the life, love and leadership you are here to birth and leave behind as legacy.