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Here are just some of the interviews, podcasts, and features where Tess shares valuable insights on soul powered life, love and leadership. Gain inspiration, empowerment and wisdom from these engaging discussions. Enjoy!

The Brighter Side of Life with Kim Pagano

The Brighter Side of Life at the Kim Pagano Show Interview with Tess Vergara starts at 34:31 mark. July 2, 2022 Show

Zachary Alexander of SubscriptionMaker.Net Interviews Tess Vergara

  We all know what it’s like to push through every obstacle and ignore the warning signs that something may not be working well as it once did. The Great Pause (i.e., the Pandemic) has left many of us running on fumes and wondering if it will ever stop. We … Read More

The Examined Life with Tony Spencer and Tess Vergara

Interview series – Tess Vergara What does Tess think about her own thoughts? When, where, how and why does she self examine? We dive deep into her thoughts and discover how similar or different we are. Enjoy!

All for the love of Charle

Tess Vergara joins ‘The Story of my Pet Podcast’ to tell the story of her faithful companion of 14 years Charlie. She talks all about the amazing adventures they had together and how she keeps his memory alive and a part of her daily life.

Soulivity TV and Magazine

Steps to Happiness with Teresa Greco, Guests: Rosalyn Fung and Tess Vergara (6/2/2022)

Rising Beings

Tess Vergara talks about why strategies and mindset don’t always work, or work only to a certain point. (May 2022)

Memories With A Beat

Tiffany Mason and Tess Vergara talks about ‘Heaven is a place on earth’ (March 2022)

Coaches to the Moon Podcast

Alex Morris Interviews Tess Vergara on How to build resilience by Tapping into The Source of it All (April 2022)

Women Seeking Blissful Retirement

Tess Vergara joins Maria Lucassen to talk about how she was able to retire from Corporate America and create her own coaching business using the process of soul powered system of 4 pillars. JULY 2020

Upgrade Your Life

In this episode, Del Denney and Tess Vergara discuss when your world is upside down, one of the main culprits is that you are out of alignment. How do you get back into alignment? Make sure you tune in now!

Ignite Your Life

Leanne Blaney interviews Tess Vergara on how traveling through Europe was an inner journey to herself at Ignite Your Life Podcast. (Feb 2021)

Soul Wisdom Abundance

Create Wealth from Spiritual Health with Jennifer Bloome and Tess Vergara: Soul Powered Leadership