iPhone and Higher Consciousness?

Yes… I just upgraded from iPhone 7 to iPhone 10 and I found it so fascinating. I’d never had my old phone and the new phone talk like that and transfer information at the touch of a button. It was so easy. And sleek. And fast.

I realized, the ascent to Higher Consciousness, meaning, the shift from fear-powered to SOULPOWERED, could be likened to having a brand new smart phone. 

There’s trepidation. There’s some doubts. There’s learning curves. 

Things feel kinda familiar but not exactly what you were used to.

Now, if you resist the upgrade process, you might end up frustrated, freaking out, fearful, full of doubts and hesitation. Well, what if I lose my texts, my photos, my contacts, my apps? What if it’s complicated? What if it takes too long? 

My guide reassured me it’s going to be easy. So I relaxed and trusted. Kinda like the expansion and ascent in consciousness.

Photo by Duophenom from Pexels

What if it’s easy AND intentionally already made easy for you? What if you have guides and companions to hold your hand along the way? What if the only thing to do really is to first open up to the idea of an upgrade, and then fully trust that you are fully supported, and that the transition will be smooth? 

What if the gateways are already open and all you have to do is do push some buttons (haha funny! lol!) and it activates the upgrade.

What if it takes less time than you were stressing about it would take?

Such was my experience upgrading to an iPhone that was just gifted to me.

And I wish such was my own awakening experience. I wish it went just as smooth. No! I was clueless what was happening. It felt like the rug was ripped out from underneath me. It was a crash course that felt like being thrown to the wolves. It was terrifying. 

While I had to discover awakening all on my own, where I constantly drowned in self-doubt, discouragements, and what I felt were undeserved heartbreaking disappoinments, it got me to this place where I can now guide those who are waking up and pass on this information. 

That it doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be difficult. It doesn’t have to be a struggle. Not anymore. 

A world of ease and effortlessness, and peace and love and joy awaits us when we take the leap, Wake Up From Self Doubt And Step Into SoulPowered Leadership.

Oh but I’m not a leader, Tess.

Oh, but you are.

You are guiding people to see themselves in a whole new light whether you are aware of it or not.

Negative or positive, conscious or not, we are constantly impacting each other.

People are constantly making determination if their experience with us is a warning what not to do, or something to receive and incorporate in their life.

Either way it’s a gift for self reflection and self actualization, even when one it is mostly happening on a subconscious level.

So even if it was a simple thing as switching to a new phone, and it created ease and more functionality,

Or maybe switching to a healthy lifestyle of deep self care and self love and showing folks around you you can beat cancer or diabetes…

Or taking a stand to follow the call step into SoulPowered Leadership and be part of the solution to the crises and injustices that befall humanity, earth and all its inhabitants today,

Whatever it is… whatever your soul is calling you to do, you’re constantly taking leadership of your thoughts, words, and deeds and energetically impacting the world around you.

It’s inevitable. That’s the perfection of our divine nature. We are constantly triggering and activating one another to bring us back to Soul Power. We are constantly bringing out and reflecting the light in each other to remind us that we are more than we say or think we are.

Thanks to the giver of this gift who was also the same person who pushed my buttons that had crash and burn on my way to awakening. He may or may not be unaware that he (and the whole entire world) continues to infinitely gift me with deeper insights to myself. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For this joy of being.

If your Soul is calling you to ascend in Higher Consciousness, Wake Up From Self Doubt and Step into SoulPowered Leadership, 

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