The Cry of An Empath, The Calling of the Soul

I left Minneapolis and traveled to the nearby states since the November election last year. And now it’s been 9 days since I returned and it feels like time stood still since I got here.

Which is perceptual since I’ve gone and done dancing, singing, networking, 2 podcast interviews, coaching….

And detoxing… which is kicking my butt.

Plus 8/8 Lion’s Gate Energies… also kicking my butt.

It was quite depressing… heavy/negative energies like a dark cloud hovering… as well as seeing with my eyes how unrecognizable Minneapolis has become… now dirty and filthy and eery…

I was driving an hour and a half to meet up with friends way on the other side of the map. and took the opportunity to listen to Stew Peters’ interview with Dr Scott Jensen.

And I sobbed… all my dread and fears spoken out loud in that interview

The empath in me that feeling the weight magnified my own frustrations and disappointment and griefs around mom’s death and my children siding with terrorism.

I don’t think they know that. I honestly don’t think half of the population is aware that the other half around the globe is literally being subjected (and prepared to fight) this domestic terrorism and global takeover.

It’s a matter of misaligned values and unconsciousness to being pawned by the powers that be to do the dirty job for them.

I have no anger or resentment towards my children and everyone else who is complying and perpetuating tyranny.

But there’s a lot of grief and sadness and worry for their future and the future of the human kind as is the reason of my podcast, Soul Power to the People Podcast.

It was good to sob and felt heard by 2 people and glean a sense of hope and solidarity.

My empath self had been feeling so weighed down and pinned down and tired. Just tired.

It felt good to just cry it out and cleanse. It’s been a while since I’ve had the kind of sob that shakes my body to clear on a cellular level.

And it also felt good to hear the passion from 2 Minnesotans, Stew Peters and Dr. Scott Jensen, talking on the podcast. It felt very reassuring. And empowering.

I dreaded coming back to MN but my higher guidance was clear: Stop living in isolation, step out of social media and physically join hands, face to face, with freedom leaders and contribute to the city’s/state’s/global sustainability and conservation.

Soul in flesh!

Return the Soul Power to the People.

Not just an idea. It now has to actualize into the physical.

I always say in my podcasts that I had to leave or I might pick up someone by the feet and smack their butt and wake them up.

They’ve decimated my city. They’ve indoctrinated my children. And the injection caused my mom’s early death. Can you feel the energy there that just wants to lash out?

But I don’t want to hurt anyone or end up in jail. But that’s how strong the urge was.

I have zero tolerance to bullies and control freaks. Especially if they want to limit and control me. And they don’t even know someone else is pulling their strings. They are unconscious and just parroting around unconscious programming and conditioning.

So the last 9 months was a retreat to silence and solitude. It was a journey to master putting down my defenses and respond from a healed, harmonious place.

It wasn’t easy.

The whole world is feeling this. When you are being attacked from all levels for fighting for freedom, how do you not defend yourself? How do you not react from old patterns? From old way of being?

When you were bullied and belittled growing up, and not given a choice, and treated like you were insignificant and a nuisance, self preservation sets in,  defense mechanism becomes automatic and habituated.

I’d admit, it is a life long challenge to NOT be defensive. But we gotta break free.

People don’t give it up their defenses unless they are feeling certain and safe from within.

I still have zero tolerance to bullies and dictators and controllers. I feel there’s a lot of us that feel the same.

And now the challenge for us is –

How do you contribute to humanity’s sustainability without it re-traumatizing yourself?

How do you respond from Soul Power? Yup. Me to me: Walk your talk! 🙂

Even tho a huge part of me don’t want to, coz it has this fear of feeling utterly defenseless which then leads to debilitating powerlessness… I must learn to. Because if not, I am simply aligning with the fear and only creating an illusion of safety… powered by fear.

There’s a higher knowing and inner wisdom that says surrendering opens up space for something new… a new perspective, a sense of growth, more spaciousness and lightness of being, access to higher frequency, a new way of being, new creations, new possibilities…

LOTS OF HIGHER CHOICES now available but you gotta snap out of fear paralysis and old ways of being!

I still have zero tolerance for bullies and tyrants who wants to power over and silence humanity’s birthright to freedom and full expression of Self…

This is what SOUL POWER is all about.

How do you step into higher mastery of self?

To no longer react from the external world?

To no longer react from fear, blame, shame, judgment, separation?

To break free from the mold and not do what they are doing which is decimate and terrorize those who have a different perspective?

How do you not operate from fear and powerlessness?

And how do you instead function from your higher knowing, from the light and power of your Soul?

Anything less is being deconstructed and pulverized and dissolved.

To return us to WHOLENESS.

A better way of life is possible.

Heaven on earth is possible.

And it’s only possible if you surrender all the things that traps and binds you in lower vibration, all the things that disconnect you from unconditional love, all the things that denies you of your Soul Power.

All this is an invitation to rise up in consciousness.

Self mastery

Soul embodiment

Soul Power

Relinquishing control of the external. And all the worry, fear and disappointment that comes with it that only lowers your vibration and paralyzes you and shuts you down… victimizing your own self.

So… what do we do?

  1. Step away from distractions… or anything sucking your energy dry
  2. Meet new people. Feel the collective light and release the notion that you are alone.
  3. Step into new dimension. Create new experiences. Spread your wings and fly.

Remember this. You are Soul Powered.

And final note to self: You may be between homes these many months, and Minneapolis may never feel like it used to be. Cling to your Soul Family and celebrate that you are so loved and taken care of everywhere you go. And from there, feel your new home, your heaven on earth continue to build.

Watch your focus. What are you creating? What energy are you lining up with? Fear or Soul?

It’s a strange world we now live in. It’s easy to get sucked into fear, worry, and doubt. That’s the programming for those who are asleep. But not you. You are born to lead in this uncertain times.

Take back control. You can do this.

Everything will settle down in time.

And that will happen with you taking self leadership and living from the realm of joy and infinite possibilities.

You got this.

Reach out if I can be of assistance in your journey towards Self Mastery, Soul Integration and Embodiment.