A voice deep within…

It’s a scary world we live in. It’s outrageously painful. There’s heartbreak, loneliness, betrayal, hunger, poverty and death.

It almost feels like the world is intent on breaking your heart.

And survival dictates that you build a wall around your heart and protect it from breaking.

Yet the same wall protecting your heart has also become your prison. You’ve become a hostage of fear – of making another mistake, of getting hurt again, of failing once more.

So you live your life doing your best to keep your heart safe and unharmed.

Except you’re not fulfilled at all. You’re dying inside. You no longer can drown the voice of longing from within.

Longing for what?

You don’t even know what you want. You’ve forgotten who you are.

Who are you without the wall around your heart? Who are you when you let your guard down?

photo credits: www.LeeSiePhotography.com
photo credits: www.LeeSiePhotography.com

There’s a voice deep within clamoring for freedom. – Freedom to just be and freedom for more out of life.

The only way to respond to the outrageous pain is to open your heart and mind to be an outrageous lover. That’s right. You are not meant to live guarded and play it safe. You are meant for something big and audacious. You are meant to love and give beyond yourself.

When you let your heart break open, you do not become broken, you open up your whole being and become whole. You become filled with this powerful energy of light and unconditional love.

You awaken to a power bigger than yourself. You awaken to the knowing you are a unique expression of greatness. You unlock all your hidden strengths and talent and realize that you are a force for good and powerful beyond measure.

It is time to fulfill your deepest longing and align with your heart’s true desires.
It’s time to truly honor yourself and enjoy the freedom your heart longs for to be who you were meant to be.

Open your heart and mind and start playing a larger game in life.

You deserve a life that is Awake, Alive, Audacious.