Transfiguring Loneliness

If loneliness was already an epidemic pre-COVID-19, I wonder if after 6 months and counting, it has now risen to a pandemic while COVID-19 itself (I heard) was downgraded to an epidemic?

Loneliness feels awfully painful and cuts like a knife.

Imagine its explosion both in severity and number of people affected.

If my clients already in the spiritual awakening and personal development are feeling it, what more are the ones who are just waking up to an even more divisive and unforgiving world?

Lonely people are prone to more stress. Without skills, they are more prone to shut down, self-protect through numbing, distraction and addiction. They grow more separated and disconnected from their life force energy. hence become more susceptible to mental chatter, self neglect, severe anxiety and depression, and some, sad to say, suicide.

Let’s fight back through self care. Ok?

Yes, lots of uncertainties and fear surrounding one’s health, family, job, future.

That on top of already existing chronic loneliness as reported by Time.com even pre-COVID-19, can you imagine the added stress weakening the immune system and deterioration in the quality of life?

My clients are seething inside, because on a soul level they know there’s a mismatch in what they know is true on a Soul level and the physical experience of a world infested by the mere thought of COVID.

So, here’s what I know —

Loneliness is a state of mind that is mastered through repetition. So is freedom. — Tess Vergara

Loneliness is something that first comes through as perception and then master through repetition. Through our thoughts, that creates meanings, which becomes our feelings, which then influences what actions we take, which creates a story, that reinforces beliefs, which locks in our experiences into a pattern, which then creates the structure through which reality plays out as well as how we see ourselves.

In other words, we collect evidence that supports we are lonely.

But what if loneliness is simply a desire for connection? A longing for love? That before the pandemic was directed externally? What if loneliness is a writing on the wall you are in desperate need to connect with your Self/Soul? And what if your learned helplessness, coping and protective mechanisms are themselves blocking you from that connecting with life and love and joy itself which then creates more loneliness and longing for your true self?

And what if you can stop the pattern of guarding yourself, numbing yourself, and withholding yourself? And what if you have the power inside of you to transmute that heavy block of wood and sculpt it into a shiny, rounded, smooth, free flowing, in action, pack of fierce pack of wolves that belong and explore together.

This is manifestation.

It starts with a deep desire.

It starts with a decision to honor that desire.

It starts with commanding your consciousness to create that desire and manifest it in the physical.

It starts with activating the freedom by giving yourself lots of permission to express what is dying in loneliness in you.

It starts with opening up with your whole heart and your whole mind to open up to the freedom that you already are. Your spirit is free and boundless and ever-flowing. This is your essence. This is your core. This is your truth.

Ok, here are the steps:

  1. Get yourself in a powerful state. There are tons of meditation on YouTube you can listen to again and again until you can command yourself to get to a powerful state quickly, at a flick of your fingers.
  2. Command your Higher Self to activate oneness with your Higher Vibrational Frequencies as Higher Expression of Truth, Light and Freedom.
  3. Ask: What is loneliness teaching me? Journal, journal, journal.
  4. Learn the distinction between your old story (lonely is me, pity party for one) to your highest truth. Feel it in your body. Do you feel expanded or contracted? Do you feel in flow or in struggle? Do you feel sustained or depleted? Feel your truth in your body. Notice when you are off center. Whenever you are off center, refrain from judgment and shame, and instead, simply remind yourself what is your truth. What do you deeply desire? Connect as Higher Expression of Truth, Light and Freedom. Fighting loneliness only disconnects you further from yourself. Embrace loneliness instead and use it’s invitation to deeply connect. Get curious. What is loneliness here to teach me? (Don’t skip step 3)
  5. Disengage from the narrative. Watch your self talk. Listen compassionately to how you are talking to yourself, listen to the self talk without buying into it. When you start believing the old story, you just keep feeding the cycle. Should this happen, simply go back to step 1.

At each of the steps, master the art of non-judgment towards self. Practice self-compassion and 100% self-acceptance. And notice. Notice where your focus is. Raise your level of awareness. And stay present.

Notice the evidence that you are never alone.

If you are at home, notice your seat, your sofa, your bed fully supporting you. Notice and appreciate every little thing, every little blessing. If you are outside in nature, notice the wind caressing your face. Notice the earth fully supporting and nourishing you.

Notice God/Source never separate from you, always guiding you, always prompting you. Notice the cells in your body fully loving and breathing you. Notice your inner child deeply connecting, playing, and healing with you. When you notice self defeating thoughts, immediately tune in where that might be coming from without collapsing your energy. Keep your awareness high while you stay curious and activate the wisdom of your Higher Self.

Just notice. Notice your Soul Power.

This is how you transfigure the face of loneliness — by deeply connecting and activating your Soul Power. From there, you access deeper compassion and connection with All That Is and all of creation. Including loneliness. And from there, more space and freedom to open up and invite in more of life in its purest form emanating from you, through you, for you, and all of creation. Feel that connection. Feel how expansive that feels when you live beyond blame, shame, and judgment.

Loneliness then becomes miraculous. Because it led you to greater experience and expression of Self. Which was what your Soul was lonely for.


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