Who is feeding your SELF DOUBT?

I saw a post in the coaching world that said “STOP WORKING ON YOUR SELF and start working on your goal.

And I can appreciate the intention behind it.

“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.”
~ William Shakespeare
Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels

Self doubt is sneaky and hides behind learning and other delay tactics convincing you to settle and not go after what you truly desire in life


1) How can you even stop working on yourself? Once you’ve awakened you just know stagnation is death. Lack of progress means unhappiness.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are wired for growth and evolution. To stop it is choosing to live in hell and struggle and depression and anxiety etc etc.

2) We are infinite beings! We are constantly bumping into challenges not because we are not enough, but because we are bringing into form our infinite expressions and experiences as much as we are allowing it.

Again, to go against your infinite nature and STOP working on up leveling is really not quite fully understanding your infinite potentialities. It suggests that the (unintegrated, fear-driven) mind is still in control and in resistance to live in the realm of possibilities it fears as unknown. Gotta shift your mind!

3) Also! Know what stage you are in. Are you in

  • Self-awareness/Discovery stage?
  • Self empowerment/Integration stage?
  • Self Mastery/Embodiment stage?
  • Self actualization/Expansion stage?

Different goals and values and belief systems gets constructed and deconstructed at various stages. Don’t rush, don’t compare, don’t judge your progress, honor your process and timing.

If there are messages out there that feeds your doubt and suggests you are taking so god damn long, well…. they too took so god damn long. They really are not better off than you.

They can’t speed it up for you. Only you can do that! There’s no spiritual bypass. We can only guide and reflect your readiness or unreadiness and that doesn’t mean a bad thing. It’s a journey! Don’t let what I say or what anybody says feed DOUBT that could potentially delay, steal and/or destroy your dreams.

Awakening and stepping into something we didn’t know we could, and then applying principles of lack and fear and doubt just ain’t gonna work in the new world you are creating for yourself and others. It’s no longer congruent.

If we are going to manifest what we truly and deeply desire, then there is no more room or need for self doubt.

Bottom line: You can work on your inner self AND take aligned actions.

In fact, it really is time to align our outer realities with our Soul Power. Not because someone harasses you to change, or there’s a need or a lack or that there is something wrong with you or need to prove your worth.

But because there’s an undeniable and unshakable impetus inside that says, it’s time!

It is time to create a better world.

That should be all our goal.

This world is destroying itself! Complacency is no longer an option.

It is time to bring to fruition what we came here to do. It is time to step up and step into what we were born to be.

Awareness is key.

Alignment is key.

Integration is key.

Soul Liberation is key.

Knowing what stage you are in dissolves the niggling doubt that questions whether you are only deluding yourself and why is nothing working. And the guilt that says shit I need to get over myself.

Try to rush the process and you’re back in separation and judgment and feeding self doubt powering up and perpetuating the old world that’s on its way out.

What worked in the old world of fear and blame and shame and judgment can no longer survive in the new world.

The world is awakening.

And you are reconstructing your new world from unshakable foundation of truth love wholeness and SoulPowered consciousness.

Thank you for stepping up and doing your inner work.