Crimes Against Humanity: Are Your Hands REALLY Tied? 

Crimes Against Humanity: Are Your Hands REALLY Tied? 

Crimes against humanity are running rampant. People are exerting power over others unlike ever before, with so many horrendous things happening behind our backs. Society is unconsciously stripping our freedom and autonomy from us on so many levels from the air we breathe, to the food we eat, and even our sense of self and connection with others. 

We are in a critical moment in our ascension as Light beings, and yet many of us feel completely powerless. With all of the chaos in the world today, it’s no wonder we feel like hostages of society, trapped by the weight of the world’s fear, lack, control, and manipulation.

Anything that threatens the ascension of human consciousness is a serious crime. If you find yourself upset, triggered, or activated… You are most certainly not alone. We’re being attacked on so many levels. It’s time to put an end to these crimes against humanity.

There are so many things that are unconsciously affecting us and harming us in ways we don’t even realize. It’s human nature to avoid threat, but we can no longer bury our heads in the sand to the ways in which our collective humanity is being attacked. 

To me, the biggest crime against humanity is the lie that there is something out there that we need to do, or get, or accomplish to make us complete us and make us whole. We are spirits manifest in human form. We are already whole, and we are meant to be free. We have suffered enough, and have been unknowingly manipulated for far too long.

We all have so much power to exert influence and bring about lasting change to humanity, and yet we feel so chained. We feel chained to the darkness, chained to society, and chained to the low-vibrational energies that surround us and aim to take hold of us. 

We claim that our hands are tied, but that is only because we’ve been holding them behind our own backs for so long. No one can take our freedom away from us unless we give in and allow it. 

Chaos may try to dismantle our fight, but we are Light, and freer than we believe. It is time we rise above, expand our awareness and consciousness, and return the Soul Power to the People. 

“Break free from the limitations that are being imposed.” – Tess Vergara

Sadly, we have regressed as a species, but there is still such an expansive opportunity for humanity to evolve. It is time to look inward and reprioritize ourselves, and the expression of the Light we truly are. While that Light may feel hidden in the shadows of these dark times, it is needed more than ever right now.

In this era of division, coming together as a human collective — and forging forward with SOUL understanding and connection is critical. Meaning, this isn’t the time for pointing fingers, for ‘fixing’ one another, or for convincing one another.

Returning the Soul Power to the people is really not about saving others from crimes against humanity, but about rising up with our own light at the same time, holding space for others to explore, recognize their Soul Power, and ultimately save themselves. 

We are undoubtedly experiencing a collective upset. The question is, what will you do with the upset? Will you channel it into an energy of division, or use it as a chance to raise the vibration of humankind?

When I think of crimes against humanity, I think of the children above all. Children are our future, but they are being distorted, trafficked, abused, and manipulated, with no one to speak up for them. Who is stepping up to be their voice? 

So many children are never given the opportunity to feel the freedom they are inherently worthy of, so they struggle their entire lives, believing their hands are tied, and never truly knowing who they are at their core.

To this day, it pains me to think of the unthinkable levels of evil that human beings are capable of. But rather than pretending it is not happening, and yes it is critical to yes raise our vibration, but more importantly, what is our unique contribution.

There is a great sadness in our collective energy, but there is also a great calling. 

I invite you to embark on this journey to return the Soul Power to the People. By looking deep within and releasing what is calling you deep inside to make manifest.

Do not allow life’s confusions and crimes against humanity to push you to the corner and simply collapse your energy, obey and do as told. 

The way we untie the children’s hands is by untying our own hands.

We can break through the noise and create a new world together: a world of freedom, personal power, and permission for self-discovery. Together, we can untie our hands, embrace the dance, and stand up to crimes against humanity – for ourselves, the human collective, and for the generations to come. 

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