Good News, Bad News

I’ll start with the bad news.

It is with grave sadness that I share with you my mom’s passing on Feb 25 which happened to be my birthday, too. 

I spoke very briefly to her on my birthday. She said: “I love you baby. I can’t stay long. Happy Birthday.”

Two days before I got a call 11pm. We were already told to expect the worst. So I raced upstairs to find out who was calling at an unholy hour. 

To my delight and relief it was my Mom who she sang Happy Birthday to me the second I picked up. Her voice sounded upbeat, clear, on pitch, and crisp. We made a date to sing more songs on my real birthday in 2 days. 

She also asked for a copy of my baby picture. When she did, I had a sinking suspicion she was saying goodbye. But I didn’t dwell on it. 

This is me talking about my mom on the live recording of my podcast. I was trying to convince myself that she would pull it through. 

My body must have known. I was heavy with sadness and heartbreak but couldn’t pinpoint why. I figured the topic of the show and the conversation on “Global Abuse of Power” weighed me down. 

She died the next day on my birthday.

My saving grace was that I got to vent my frustration about the injustice of her situation, and I am so thankful that I got to publicly acknowledge my mother for her unwavering faith and strength. And that I inherited that gift from her. 

But here’s another amazing realization. Even in state of numbness and grief, my Higher Self came through. Here’s what I wrote:

Of all days, you died on my birthday. I am numb and dazed right now, but I sense there’s a significant meaning to that. Like… birth of a new life, new era, through death of the old (consciousness). I will always celebrate your life on my birthday. You didn’t leave. We merged. 

That higher and deeper level of connection with my mom felt so good.

Bad news was, I couldn’t just hop on the plane and attend her funeral without my blood boiling at the oppressiveness of the restrictions they have in place. If you’ve been following my podcast, Soul Power to the People, you know exactly where I stand on #crimesagainsthumanity.

I was struggling having to make a decision whether or not to fly to Canada and attend Mom’s funeral. And so when I found out that only 10 at a time can be at the funeral and no reception and family gathering is allowed, I felt relief that the decision to go was taken off my hands.

Good news, an idea immediately came to life! I was guided to host a life celebration for my mother. How it came to me was so sweetly guided. And it felt lighter and more joyful and totally honoring of the spirit of my mother.

I am in awe how it is unfolding so beautifully. 

My friend, Roxie, who never had the pleasure of meeting my mom said:

“I read your celebration of life announcement and have never read anything so entirely innovative. It was an honor to read it.”

You can read it here: Rose celebration and retreat.

And another good news is, and it’s serendipitous, I am so glad I am doing a workshop on BOOST YOUR CHAKRA POWER on March 10th. 

It is exactly what I need the most at this time. And to teach how to open up even more and not contract especially in this time of heightened, confusing, and difficult emotions is a level of mastery I am thankful I get to say yes to. 

Divine perfect timing isn’t lost on me. 

Even in the most difficult and challenging times, my Higher Being is guiding me every step of the way. And my connection to Mom has never been this clear and deep and strong.

That’s my good news.

I feel so held and so loved even in heavy sadness and grief. 

And I want to share more how we can all use that level of emotional mastery, to feel held and nurtured in oneness even and especially when our physical reality is deconstructing. 

That is the focus of BOOST YOUR CHAKRA POWER workshop.

And I am so glad I get to share that with you even in grief.

Because we can no longer deny our Soul. 

Because we can no longer afford to be silent.

Because we can no longer say be complicit and unknowingly saying yes to atrocities. 

The world is in outrageous pain. We cannot shut off and shut down anymore. We need to boost and power up our chakras and step into our Soul Powered, Soul Enlightened Destiny!  To do it any other way is just insanity.