Unique Self Awakening Coaching

Excerpted from: http://uniqueself.com/unique-self-psychology/

The alleviation of personal suffering requires for greatest efficacy a therapy that works at the level of identity. What is the purpose of my life? How can I realize the values and direction that are uniquely my own?  Unique Self is emerging as a revolutionary new technology for psychologists.

Why am I here? What’s the nature of my life? Does my life have purpose, meaning, direction? Without addressing what it means to live a purpose-driven life, or values-driven life, and how I can identify the purpose and values of my particular life, all the homeostasis and equilibrium ultimately collapses, from a Unique Self perspective, and doesn’t sustain.

What we’re saying is that Unique Self fills in a critical missing piece in the story of treatment, whether that’s chemical dependency, addiction issues, eating disorders. It invites a person to define themselves not as an addict – as the classical 12-step model suggests – but as a Unique Self who has a set of Unique Shadows which are distortions of one’s own primary Unique Self, and to reclaim that Unique Self – the dignity, purpose, meaning, the values that are implicit in that Unique Self. And we’ve found that by actually enacting one’s Unique Self and accessing a sense of being profoundly needed by the cosmos, having a unique gift to give, actually experiencing all of reality living in you and as you and through you uniquely, with a unique contribution, a unique set of abilities, a unique way of being in the world, unlike any other, one that never was, is, or will be again; that has enormous efficacy as a healing process, a healing modality, a transformative modality that creates a sustained locus in a human being that can hold the psychic pain of engaging in the world. We’ve found that without that Unique Self locus all the other psychological work, important and critical as it is, often lacks a home, a locus, a place where it can rest and be sustained.

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