Navigating Grief: When a Death Anniversary Hijacks Your Birthday

Today marks the third year since my mother’s passing. It’s also my birthday. And every year, without fail, the anniversary of her death hijacks what should be a day of celebration. There’s no sugarcoating it—grief is a heavy burden to bear. It weighs on you, pressing down with an overwhelming … Read More

The Wellness Way

Dr Matt of The Wellness Way Interviews Soul Powered Coach, Tess Vergara on the 4 Pillars to Wellness and Wholeness, and the rock solid foundation of Soul Power (vs Fear Power)

Pattern for Health

Angela Grover of Pattern for Health Nutritional Therapy interviews Tess Vergara about how being in alignment can speed healing! (Nov 2019).

KYMN Radio

Wayne Eddy of KYMN Radio interviews Tess Vergara (May 2018).

View Beyond Interview

Vincent Tuckwood of View Beyond LLC interviews Tess Vergara to discuss her coaching practice and the change she helps bring to life!

Dr. Bart Rademaker

Dr. Bart Rademaker interviews Tess Vergara. Check out this interview to learn 3 levels of consciousness.

Christmas Reflections: A Journey with Soul Power

Now that the rush of Christmas preparations is settling, and in my case, with a clear head to hear my thoughts without hacking up a cough, I cherish the opportunity to quiet the mind and sense the stirring of awakening. Let’s take a moment to listen. As the tranquility of … Read More

Real Giving Vs People Pleasing

As Christmas approaches, the spirit of giving permeates the air, and there’s a beautiful energy surrounding it. The natural inclination to give and contribute beyond ourselves is woven into the fabric of who we are, resonating with our fundamental essence and a profound yearing for purpose and connection. We find … Read More