Christmas Reflections: A Journey with Soul Power

Now that the rush of Christmas preparations is settling, and in my case, with a clear head to hear my thoughts without hacking up a cough, I cherish the opportunity to quiet the mind and sense the stirring of awakening. Let’s take a moment to listen. As the tranquility of … Read More

Real Giving Vs People Pleasing

As Christmas approaches, the spirit of giving permeates the air, and there’s a beautiful energy surrounding it. The natural inclination to give and contribute beyond ourselves is woven into the fabric of who we are, resonating with our fundamental essence and a profound yearing for purpose and connection. We find … Read More

Empowered Living: Unveiling Soul Power

I had the joy and honor to have Rich Witch Julie Nelson as the first guest in the latest season of Soul Power to the People. In this heart-to-heart conversation, Julie shared her incredible journey of resilience in the aftermath of the COVID lockdown hit. Imagine this: her business took … Read More

Navigating Relationship Drama: A Holiday Survival Guide

The holiday season, a time traditionally associated with joy, celebration and togetherness, can sometimes become a battleground for complex relationship dynamics. Whether it’s biting your tongue or risking the harmony by speaking out, the challenges can be overwhelming. But here’s the good news: it doesn’t have to be that way. … Read More

Gratitude, Sparkle and Magic

Hey Soul Powered Leaders! As Thanksgiving week unfolds, my heart is bursting with joy and gratitude, and I couldn’t help but share just a few magical highlights with you: Website Magic Unleashed! OMG, have you seen the fresh look of our website? It’s absolutely divine!!! Sure, there are a few … Read More

Fill Your Cup For Success

In a world where we’re frequently advised, ‘You must prioritize the success of your business above all else,’ allow me to take a contrarian stance. Drawing from my own experience of burnout, I want to offer a different perspective. When you consistently place yourself on the back burner in relentless … Read More

Hello 2023

Happy New Year!!! We had a wonderful NY eve and NY day celebration. Lots of fun, joy, love and laughter! Hope you had a great start to a great year, too. On day 2, I spent a good part of the day in my newly reorganized office ((loving it!!!) to … Read More

2021, A Personal Review

2020’s plannedemic helped me find my voice through my podcast, Soul Power to the People. In it I voiced a lot of frustration, disbelief, anger, and also hope, and a knowing that we can rise above crimes against humanity. And then 2021 came and took my mother’s life early in … Read More