2021, A Personal Review

2020’s plannedemic helped me find my voice through my podcast, Soul Power to the People. In it I voiced a lot of frustration, disbelief, anger, and also hope, and a knowing that we can rise above crimes against humanity. And then 2021 came and took my mother’s life early in … Read More

The Cry of An Empath, The Calling of the Soul

I left Minneapolis and traveled to the nearby states since the November election last year. And now it’s been 9 days since I returned and it feels like time stood still since I got here. Which is perceptual since I’ve gone and done dancing, singing, networking, 2 podcast interviews, coaching…. And … Read More

Plandemic: A manufactured illusion.

Dr. Peter McCullough, 6/27/2021: ‘whistleblowers’ inside CDC claim injections have already killed 50,000 Americans Dr. Peter McCullough is professor of medicine and vice chief of internal medicine at Baylor University and also teaches at Texas A&M University. He is an epidemiologist, cardiologist and internist and has testified before the Texas … Read More

To what extent are you controlled by powerful people?

This was a question that grabbed my attention as I was wandering the rooms in Clubhouse, a new social networking app that I was checking out. From a Soul Powered Perspective, of course I screamed in my mind, No! No one has power and control over me. And that may … Read More

You have the right to say NO!

It doesn’t mean you’re rude, disrespectful, or “I hate you”, it just means “I honor myself so I can honor you with an honest NO”. We’ve heard so many NO’s in our lifetime that it can feel like a rejection or a superiority thing… Receiving a flat no in the … Read More

Polly Tommy Interviews Tess Vergara On People’s Testaments

Honoring my mom. Polly Tommey of Children’s Health Defense asked me to share Mom’s story after the 2 Pfz jab at The People’s Testaments. If you or your loved one had experienced adverse injury from the vaccine please connect with Polly Tommey. I love you, Ma. You did not die … Read More

Don’t acquiesce to cancel culture

Keep shining no matter what the naysayers say! Many people will judge you and question your motives and would try to change you and make you comply and bend your will and make you wrong and dismiss your efforts and insinuate you’re doing things wrong. That’s coz we were never … Read More

#1 – Tess Vergara – Welcome to Soul Power To The People Podcast

If we are divine beings made in the image and likeness of God, then why then is it such a challenge to step into our SOUL POWER? Welcome to the very first episode of Soul Power To The People Podcast with Tess Vergara. In this premiere episode of SOUL POWER … Read More

Reflections: Christmas 2020

Today is Christmas Eve and I am here in small town Nebraska, in the middle of nowhere, living in silence and solitude. 2020 was challenging. Collectively speaking, there were plenty of heartbreak, health challenges, amplified fears, worries, and uncertainties. There was lots of destruction and chaos, outrage and out of … Read More

Crimes Against Humanity: Are Your Hands REALLY Tied? 

Crimes Against Humanity: Are Your Hands REALLY Tied?  Crimes against humanity are running rampant. People are exerting power over others unlike ever before, with so many horrendous things happening behind our backs. Society is unconsciously stripping our freedom and autonomy from us on so many levels — from the air … Read More

Transfiguring Loneliness

Time.com reported that “Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, public-health experts were concerned about an epidemic of loneliness in the U.S. The coronavirus has exacerbated that problem, with most face-to-face socializing for people still under lockdown orders indefinitely limited to members of their own households. For the 35.7 million Americans who live alone, that means … Read More

iPhone and Higher Consciousness?

Yes… I just upgraded from iPhone 7 to iPhone 10 and I found it so fascinating. I’d never had my old phone and the new phone talk like that and transfer information at the touch of a button. It was so easy. And sleek. And fast. I realized, the ascent … Read More